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Human interests and needs

According to many psychologists and sociologists, the whole of human life is determined by the satisfaction of biological and social needs. They are the main foundation for our activities. Human interests, in simple words, are conscious needs. These two elements of our psyche and behavior are the main motivational nucleus. In this article we will describe what needs and interests of a person exist.

The most popular model of human needs is the pyramid of American psychologist Abraham Maslow. This model does not cover the interests of man in all its diversity, for which he was repeatedly criticized by the scientific community, but gives a general idea of them. The basis of the basis for our behavior with you is the satisfaction of physiological needs. First of all, a person finds a roof over his head, then looks for food and warmth. It's good that now it comes directly to our house. This allows us to move on to other needs, namely, the need for self-preservation. All living beings want to live, even at the biological level, so the need for protection in the animal, as well as the personal certainty that it will live tomorrow, the person is at the bottom of the pyramid. For this, there are armies, police, morality and etiquette in the society.

In the middle of the pyramid there are needs for love and respect. The abilities and interests of people in love and respect from the reference (desired) groups sometimes act as destructive behavior, from depressive "self-interest" to suicide. Each person finds satisfaction in these needs in his beloved, his family, in friendship and work. Animals, no matter how romanticized the situation writers and writers, do not have the needs of this level.

So, a person is full, he lives warm and safe, he is loved and respected by certain people. It's time to develop further, and there is no better ground for jumping up. Therefore, the interests of man are forgiven further - into the sphere of knowledge. Cognitive needs are the fifth step in the pyramid. Man acts as an explorer, as an argonaut in the search for knowledge and skills.

Human interests do not end there, the last steps are aesthetic needs and the need for self-actualization. If the first can be satisfied with the help of art - cinema, music, literature, then the latter require the achievement of the set goals, the development of the personality in different spheres.

According to Abraham Maslow, a person is gradually moving from the bottom of the pyramid to its top. Although other scientists note that a person can be quite happy, being on the same level for a long time - for example, finding love and satisfying their sexual needs. The interests of a person on this can simply run out, thus he will not be motivated to move up.

In conclusion, we note that interest is a way of satisfying one's own needs. As a rule, interest is objective and does not depend on the concrete human consciousness, because the way people solve problems, satisfy needs, from culture. A vivid example are the ways of treating illnesses. A person borrows them, satisfying their need for treatment and self-preservation.

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