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Let's find out how to stretch your back properly

Do you know that your movements and your posture speak about your age? The famous sports specialist Josef Pilates said at one time that the age of the human body depends directly on the health of his back. If she is healthy, then you will look younger and feel much better. In case you regularly do exercises for the back, photos of which are presented in this article, it will help to increase the muscle tone, due to which you can improve the appearance, well-being, and get a good posture. Those who want to strengthen the muscles of the back and at the same time suffer from pain in her area, the following effective and useful exercises will be of interest.

How do I stretch my back with the Back Stretching exercise?

If you want to relax the spine, then this exercise is for you. It should be done every day, best after school or work - in which case you will feel the necessary effect. Performing it, you can use the abdominal muscles, flexors and extensors of the spine. Sit on the mat, straighten your back, relax your shoulders, stretch your arms forward, placing them across the width of your shoulders. At an angle of 90 degrees, bend your feet. Make a sigh full. Exhaling, slowly start to fall, while rounding the spine, and hands pull forward. Deeply inhale and pull the spine. When exhaling, unbend the spine, starting from the waist. In the end, straighten the vertebrae of the cervical region. Do 4 approaches at a minimum.

How to stretch the back with the help of the exercise "Pulling the legs"?

The following exercise will help stretch the lower back muscles and abdominal muscles. If you do not know how to stretch your back, then lie on the mat on your back, lift your shoulders and head above the floor, while straining the abdominal press. Shoulders should be straightened. The right leg needs to be bent at the knee, while pulling it to the chest, and the left one to raise by 45 degrees. In turn, change your legs, pulling them, while attracting one leg or the other. To increase the load, do not draw the knee closer to the 90 degree mark. This exercise repeat twenty times, not forgetting to constantly draw in your belly and breathe deeply. It is necessary for stretching the abdominal and lower back muscles.

How to stretch your back with the help of the exercise "Swam!"

This is one of the most popular exercises. Thinking about how to stretch the back muscles, it is best to choose it, because by intensively cutting them during the exercise, you work simultaneously and the abdominal press.

Lying on your stomach, you need to stretch your legs and arms to the sides. Inhale, then pull in the muscles of the press. The chest and head are slightly raised, the nose is directed to the floor. The neck thus remains on the general or common with a backbone of a line.

Tear on the inspiration from the floor of your left leg and right arm, in this position hold. After this, raise your left arm and right leg, then stay in this position. Hips and chest should be torn off the floor. Do not stop changing hands and feet, inhaling and exhaling alternately to account for up to five.

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