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Grow hair: how to get rid of this problem

With the problem of ingrown hair, faced almost every woman who at least once in her life made depilation. This not only looks ugly, but can also be dangerous to health. In addition, this suggests that the removal of vegetation on the body was done incorrectly. Most often, hair grows after depilation at home. When you contact a beauty salon, this problem is almost never met.

A similar situation arises because the hairs become thinner, weaker, bend and are no longer able to break through the epidermis. As a consequence, they begin to grow under the skin. This can lead to inflammation and suppuration, there are pigmented spots. Any infection can easily penetrate into such a wound. Unfortunately, hair grows from any type of depilation, so a simple rejection of the usual method will not help. But that such a problem does not bother anymore, it is worthwhile to take up prevention:

- Before each procedure, you need to do a peeling. Scrub will help remove dead skin cells and even it.

- When using a razor, it is necessary to remove unwanted vegetation by growth, or simply to alternate both directions.

- After the end of depilation, it is necessary to apply an emollient on the skin. It can be tonics, balms, gels or creams after shaving. They not only help to avoid ingrown hair, but also prevent irritation and further inflammation of the skin.

- Twice a week it is necessary to use scrubs and other exfoliating agents (you can use just a hard washcloth). They remove the dead skin layer in the places where the hair grows.

- It is necessary to refuse the use of linen and tights from non-natural raw materials. They have a negative effect on blood circulation, and the wound healing will proceed slowly.

- Depilation is best done before bedtime. During the night, small cuts and wounds regenerate, which will prevent possible infection in places of damage.

If ingrown hairs have already appeared, then they need to get rid of. Help in this needle (or pin) and tweezers. First of all, it is necessary to disinfect tools and skin. This will prevent the appearance of abscesses. Most often, hair grows in the bikini zone, because the skin there is very delicate.

Next, you need to gently pick up and pull out the tip of the hair, then grasp it with tweezers and pull it out with a sharp movement. To remove irritation, you can use a piece of ice or a special antiseptic. On the steamed skin removal will be much easier.

There are cases when a woman grows hair in large quantities. In this case it is necessary to refuse any type of depilation and consult a doctor. He will prescribe an anti-inflammatory agent (with redness), an antibacterial ointment (if there are pustules) or if necessary, will carry out a complex treatment.

At many cosmetic lines it is possible to meet special agents against ingrown hair. Usually they are used for prevention. They have an exfoliating effect, relieve irritation, can slow down hair growth and soften the skin. Apply such funds both before and after depilation.

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