How does the windshield replace the CASCO?

In our country, the owner of the vehicle must have an insurance policy. Car insurance CASCO covers all costs associated with the theft of the car, as well as its damage as a result of a traffic accident. One of the most common insurance cases faced by many motorists is the damage to the windshield due to a small accident with minimal machine breakdowns, as well as when foreign objects enter it while driving. Therefore, many car owners are interested in the question of how the windshield is replaced by CASCO.

Types of damage to the windscreen

To date, there are the following types of damage to the windshield of the machine, which involves insurance payments:

  • A battle is a situation in which the windshield was damaged in a collision with another car or as a result of falling into it of an object;
  • Crack - glass damage by foreign matter or as a result of a strong temperature drop. This type of damage is one of the most problematic, because replacing cracked glass on the policy is quite difficult;
  • Cleavage - damage caused by physical impact. However, it is important to understand that the replacement of the windshield by CASCO in Rosgosstrakh is possible only if the diameter of the damage exceeds 3 millimeters;
  • Scratches refer to insurance cases, however, a technical examination is necessary to replace the glass. If the scratches on the windshield are located on the side of the passenger or do not interfere with the normal survey, the policy does not cover the costs of replacing the windshield;
  • Abrasions are related to damage caused by the effect of wear, so the replacement of the windshield is not covered by the policy.

From the above, it follows that when replacing the windshield by CASCO in RESO, there is always a guarantee, but under the policy of any other insurer is not provided in all cases, therefore, when drawing up insurance it is recommended that you carefully read its terms.

What is written about the damage to the glass in the policy?

All types of breakdowns and damages of the car, which involve the payment of cash compensation to the driver, are listed in the contract.

As for the glass, all information about the damage to these elements is prescribed in the item "Replacement and repair of glass elements", which include:

  • Front, rear and side windows;
  • Side-view mirrors;
  • Headlights of head light;
  • Parking lights;
  • Turn indicators;
  • Elements of additional lighting, if they are included in the factory equipment of the car.

Compensation for the repair or replacement of any of the above elements can only be obtained if it is specified in the contract.

Insurance programs

Insurance cases under which the replacement of the windshield by CASCO is performed, the consent of the insurer depends on the insurance program chosen by the driver.

To date, each driver can insure his vehicle against the following risks:

  • Hijacking - the driver receives compensation only in the event of car theft, and if no additional services have been drawn up that involve the payment of car repairs, compensation is not paid by the insurer;
  • According to the standard policy, the replacement of the windshield is paid only if it is damaged in the first two cases, and if this limit is exceeded, all repair work falls on the owner's shoulders;
  • When drawing up simplified insurance to receive monetary compensation, there is no need to employ traffic police;
  • Replacement of the windshield with CASCO franchise is possible only if the amount of damage incurred exceeds the cost of the policy. Otherwise, the costs of the owner of the vehicle will be significantly higher than the amount of damage incurred.

If a windscreen is damaged in the event of a traffic accident or other circumstances, it is recommended that you read the contract very carefully before contacting the insurer, in particular, what insurance cases it provides, as well as the procedure and terms for receiving cash compensation.

How does the windshield change according to the CASCO policy?

Replacement of the windshield by CASCO in RESO and policies of other insurers takes place in the following sequence:

  1. If you get into an accident in which glass elements were damaged, you should call representatives of the traffic police at the scene of the accident.
  2. Notify the insurer of the incident. It is necessary to do this within the terms stipulated in the insurance contract.
  3. Write an application for the replacement of windscreen for CASCO.
  4. Undergo technical expertise to determine the amount of damage.
  5. Prepare a package of necessary documents.

Only adhering to this sequence, you can count on monetary compensation for all repairs that were made as a result of the occurrence of the insured event.

What documents need to be prepared?

To receive compensation when replacing the windscreen on the CASCO policy, you must provide the insurer with the following documents:

  1. A certificate from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.
  2. A copy of the minutes.
  3. Certificate of technical expertise, determining the amount of damage suffered.
  4. The decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case, if the damage was received from third parties.
  5. CASCO policy.
  6. STS.
  7. Original passport.
  8. Driver's license.

If you have incomplete insurance, the documents in the first, second and third paragraphs are not needed.

Ways of obtaining monetary compensation

After the technical expertise is passed and the insurer will satisfy the decision on payment of monetary compensation, the driver can receive compensation for the damage caused by one of the following ways:

  • Replacement of the windshield by CASCO due to the insurer at the service station;
  • Cash in the office of the company.

These methods have certain merits and demerits, therefore it is necessary to dwell on each of them in more detail.

Replacement at the expense of the insurance company for SRT

This method is more preferable, since in this case the insurer not only pays for the mechanics to dismantle the broken and installed new windshield, but also compensates for the cost of all materials including the glass itself and the rubber seal. Thus, the work will be performed more qualitatively, and the amount of their payment will be much larger than when paying out cash. In addition, the insurer and representatives of the SRT are interested in replacing the glass element in the shortest possible time, so the repair time is much less than the payment of cash compensation to the client's hands. Do not forget that in the VSK, the replacement of the windshield by CASCO is considered to be performed only when the owner of the vehicle checked the quality of the work done and signed the corresponding document.

If the repair work has been performed poorly, then in Ingosstrakh, windshield replacement for Hull insurance falls under the category of insurance cases, therefore the company is obliged to completely eliminate all the defects that will be detected by the owner of the car.

Payment of cash compensation

If you have replaced the glass yourself and want to receive monetary compensation, it is very important to perform repairs within the agreed time limits, after which it will be necessary to show the vehicle to the technical specialists of the insurer, who must record the fact of the repair work performed. If these conditions are not met, the UK may refuse to compensate the driver for the damage caused by the repeated occurrence of the insured event.

What if the insurer refuses to fulfill its obligations?

If the insurer for any reason refuses to fulfill its obligations in the event of an insured event, then to receive insurance payments it is necessary to do the following:

  • Pass technical expertise in an independent company that must document the need to replace the glass element;
  • File with the insurer in court.

If the trial is won by the owner of the vehicle, the insurer not only reimburses the driver's damage, but also compensates all related costs and legal costs.

What kind of glass is installed on the car when it is replaced?

Replacing the windshield by CASCO involves the installation of an element that was used by the manufacturer. It is possible to install an analog, however this should be separately agreed between the UK and the owner of the vehicle. But there is no particular sense for the motorist in this agreement, since the copy costs less, and its quality is much worse, compared to the original glass.

In addition, the glass installed by the factory on the car may have the following options, which are deprived of analogues:

  • Heating the glass, preventing its freezing and misting in the winter;
  • Firm tinting;
  • Protection from light reflections, which can blind the driver and worsen the quality of his review;
  • Protective laminate coating.

In addition to replacing the glass itself, the insurer is obliged to pay the cost of all the elements that are provided by the plant. If they are not replaced, then the repairs performed are considered incomplete. However, the replacement of the accompanying elements must be prescribed in the contract, otherwise payment for their replacement is not made.


Replacement of the windshield by CASCO should be paid by the insurer only if the insurance covers the risks associated with the theft or damage to the car during an accident, in which it is already impossible to restore the car. This applies to simplified insurance systems, but the amount of insurance payments in this case is limited.

To avoid various problems and unpleasant situations in the event of an insured event, you must carefully read the contract when processing the policy. Particular attention should be given to the list of risks covered by insurance. However, as practice shows, in most cases, the insurer fully compensates for the cost of repairing or replacing all glass elements, if they are critically damaged and can not be repaired.

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