Voluntary medical insurance from Sogaz: what does the program include?

Medical services are important in a person's life. To receive qualified medical help and carry out the necessary qualitative diagnostic tests, voluntary medical insurance is needed. "Sogaz" proposes to issue a policy in order to remain calm for your health in various situations, because the funds paid will help to recover.

The concept of

Voluntary medical insurance from "Sogaz" is the qualified help of doctors in any period. You can apply for a policy to an individual or a legal entity. Often the VHI employer includes in the social package, guaranteed to employees. You can seek help at any clinic or hospital that works with an insurance company.

Voluntary insurance in comparison with the compulsory is made at the request of a person. Nobody makes use of such services. Usually they are issued for dangerous work or when traveling to other countries. Now there are many companies in this field. And each of them offers several programs with their own conditions. It is necessary to choose a suitable insurance product according to your requirements, so that in the future you can actually receive cash compensation.

Location among other companies

"Sogaz" was founded in 1993 and for more than 20 years has been in the lead among other insurers. The group includes several companies with a single name. They specialize in different insurance options. For example, Sogaz-Life is the leader in life insurance.

According to the FSSN for 2012, the group took the second place among Russian firms. Expert RA agency was given the highest reliability position. Many Russians turn to this firm for help.

Terms & Price

To arrange voluntary medical insurance from Sogaz, you need to know the conditions and programs of the company. This determines the price of the policy. The company works with corporate insurance. The cost of a policy depends on the size of the enterprise, the number of insured, selected programs and conditions.

How much will the policy of voluntary medical insurance cost in Sogaz? The price is determined by the types of services that are supposed to be performed. The cost can vary in each region and from the number of people for 1 insurance. For 1 service you can insure up to 6 people. If you choose the program "Economy", then the price will be from 1500 rubles, and if "Universal", then - 3500 rubles.

What affects the cost?

Voluntary insurance protects the health of the client. But the price of a policy can be determined by several factors:

  1. In each firm the cost of the document may differ. The amount is affected by the status, reliability and scope of services. It should be borne in mind that there are a lot of scammers working in this area, therefore, before paying for it, we need to check the company's activities.
  2. In all organizations there are several programs that differ in cost. The cheapest is the minimum of services. If some help is not included in the policy, then you will have to pay for these services yourself. Getting payments is not so easy, you need to pass a survey. The most expensive equipment includes many services.
  3. Payment depends on the level of the clinic. The insurance company usually has many partners of different status. For example, if you choose a regular clinic, then even a wide range of services is provided at a bargain price.
  4. The price is influenced by the list of services. It may include examination, first aid and prescription of medicines. Sometimes the list is complemented by the performance of tests, massage and acupuncture.
  5. The cost affects the characteristics of a person: age, gender, nationality. This is determined by the program.
  6. An important factor is the type of activity, for example, the risk of injury to an office employee is less than that of a builder.

The services

To be sure of timely assistance, it is necessary to choose "Sogaz" - voluntary medical insurance. The list of services in each case can be different. The policy serves as a protection against diseases and injuries. For example, the company implements the program "Anti-Killing". On it, a person gets help in case of disability after a tick bite.

The program of voluntary medical insurance from Sogaz includes the following insurance cases:

  • Incapacity for work - temporary or permanent;
  • death.

The person is protected from the specific cases prescribed in the policy. When they come, they are paid.

From what there is no protection?

If voluntary medical insurance from "Sogaz" does not include any cases, it means that they are not in the coverage area on the policy. An individual is provided with free assistance in the hospitals with which the firm operates.

In medical services can not be provided or they will be performed for a fee or in turn. This applies to cases that are not indicated in the program.


For registration of such service it is necessary to visit office "Sogaz". The contract of voluntary medical insurance is signed in person. Any questions should be asked when passing this transaction.

If there is no possibility to visit the company, then the order can be issued by phone. Delivery is made by courier if the customer lives near the office. Also get to know the price of the policy.


The insurance group "Sogaz" offers voluntary medical insurance under different programs. They differ in the list of services. For individuals a package of programs "Sogaz-Persona" was developed.

It includes the following programs:

  1. "Universal".
  2. Economy.
  3. "Special".
  4. "Antiklesch".

Such programs are insured by legal entities. Each of them is supposed to fulfill its list of services.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantage of the company is the formation of the program at the request of the client. This determines the cost of LCA. The company offers to buy the policy in installments. Each product has its advantages, but they are approximately the same:

  • Registration takes place quickly;
  • Only professionals work;
  • No written application is required;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Delivery of the policy by courier.

For individuals

Citizens are more profitable to make out an insurance policy in Sogaz. Voluntary health insurance for them is provided to several programs. Budget option is "Economy". The program assumes a lot of services that the client can choose for himself. You can insure any person between the ages of 1 and 81, including disabled people. The program is suitable for all who need constant medical care.

If you need narrowly focused insurance, then the best choice is the program "Anti-Killing". It is ideal for those who often visit the forest. For urban residents, the service is unlikely to come in handy. The conditions are similar to the "Economy" program, only it has a specific action. An insured event is loss of capacity for work or death.

For customers, the product "Special" is available. On it there is no freedom of choice. Standard services are provided, and costs and payments are fixed. Within the framework of the "Universal" program, it is possible to modify the conditions and risks.

Regular customers are offered discounts and bonuses. Often the firm conducts bonus actions for various programs. All customer actions are notified by phone. This affects the price of the policy. The minimum cost is set for children. At an economical tariff with a minimum amount of 10 thousand rubles, the price of the policy will be 110 rubles. If you select the maximum amount of 500 thousand rubles, then you have to pay 5,5 thousand rubles.

For foreigners

Now there are no special programs for foreigners. But in the future they are planned to be created, as a lot of people from other countries come to Russia to work. To date, foreigners are available all those products that are intended for Russian citizens.

For children

You can insure up to 6 people on Sogaz-honey. Voluntary medical insurance assumes registration of the policy for the whole family. Customers are entitled to a discount during the prolongation of the contract. There is no separate program for children. But there is a product "Universal", with which you can choose a specific list of services for a specific person.

For the policy, children usually choose the following list of services:

  • Call the doctor;
  • Examination;
  • Medical assistance depending on the age.

For each child the list of services can be different. You can choose them with the help of specialists in the company or by phone.

How is the policy used?

In the event of an insured event, the client must call the insurer at any time. We need to explain our problem in detail. Then the dispatcher will send to a specific doctor. He will also tell you what to do before visiting a specialist.

There are situations when a person can not contact the dispatcher. For example, there is no phone, or there are no means on it. Sometimes there is no data of the insurer. Then you can apply to the clinic for residence. Under the contract, the patient has the right to use the services of a specialist without an insurer.

If an accident occurs, you must attest to all the injuries to the doctor. Upon its confirmation, the client is paid compensation. Sometimes the insurance company is asked to undergo an additional examination. You do not have to pay for the treatment, but you have to purchase the medication yourself. Only after the confirmation of the occurrence of the insured event is the payment made.

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