The minimum period of insurance of compulsory motor TPL insurance in 2015

For all car owners in the territory of the Russian Federation, there is a law on compulsory motor third party liability insurance. For this, there is a special policy that every driver must acquire. About what makes the minimum period of insurance of MTPL in 2015, will be told in this article.

Categories for insurance

There are several categories of car owners who must be insured under different conditions. So, for example, owners of vehicles that registered their car outside the Russian Federation, buy a MTPL policy for a period of five to fifteen days. You can also purchase insurance for a longer period of time - up to twenty days. This requirement applies only to those drivers who transit and are sent to the place of permanent registration, or to undergo mandatory technical inspection of the vehicle. For those who registered motor transport on the territory of Russia, the minimum period for compulsory motor TPL insurance is one year. If in the recent past it was possible to insure your civil liability for a minimum of six months, then in 2015 this can no longer be done.

How to calculate the cost

The cost of a policy depends on several factors. First of all, this car itself. Next, the price of the policy of the region where the car is registered is considered. After that, the car owner must specify in the contract the period in which he plans to use the vehicle. However, it should be remembered that if you specify a period, for example, ten months, the price will be calculated as one year. Therefore, regardless of what the minimum period of insurance of OSAGO, the value of the policy of OSAGO can not be paid in installments, this is not provided by the insurer. That's why, wishing to save money, drivers come up with different tricks, just to reduce the cost of the policy.

How to insure a vehicle

All that needs to be done in order to acquire a contract for motor vehicles for the shortest period of insurance for OSAGO is to contact the company that provides such services. Today there is a wide range of organizations ready to serve their customers at the highest level and at affordable rates. The main thing is that it will not shy away from buying obligatory policies so that in the future there are no problems, especially in the event of a traffic accident. If, after the accident, the fact that the guilty party does not have an obligatory insurance policy is revealed, then in addition to recovering the damage caused to the injured party, he will still pay a large fine for the absence of this document.

Which policy to purchase more profitable

As it was said above, the minimum period of OSAGO insurance is one year. All tariffs are strictly regulated by the state, and absolutely all insurance companies are obliged to sell the policy data at a standard price. However, you can save a little.

For example, if in winter time a person does not use his car, then, of course, he does not need to overpay for several months.

There are also such motorists who manage transport only three months a year. Thus, the driving experience grows, the coefficient of accident-free driving falls, and the age of the car owner also becomes older than twenty-two years. The calculation factor for three months will be lower than for the whole year, so it is necessary to indicate the period of use of the vehicle.

Collecting all these data, the insurance manager will be able to make a small discount to such drivers for the minimum period of insurance of OSAGO. Some companies, trying to earn as much as possible, also include life insurance in the policy. Therefore, before signing the contract, it is necessary to clarify with the agent what is included in the services. If there is no need for additional services, it is better to refuse them and not to overpay, but then you will need to wait a little over a month to apply for the minimum period of insurance of OSAGO. Rosgosstrakh, for example, having an excellent reputation, sells policies without any additional premiums. Therefore, when the term of the insurance comes to an end, you can turn to a reliable organization and quietly drive the car for another year.

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