How to prepare a car for painting: step by step instruction

On how well the master knows how to prepare the car for painting, the final result depends. The paintwork will last a long time if everything is done correctly. However, if the rules are not observed, all work can go wrong. How to prepare the machine for this operation, so you do not have to redo it? We will talk about this in our today's article. Many car owners believe that the training process is not so important, but only a small oversight, to finally and hopelessly spoil the result. The painting of the car on its own or in a specialized workshop takes only 10% of the time - everything else is spent on preparatory work. All its stages can be performed in 1-2 days in garage conditions. The main thing is that everything should be done strictly according to technology.

Preparation of the working area

Before the preparation of the car for painting begins, it is important to properly prepare the room, where the machine will then be painted. The main requirement - it must be dry, warm. And of course, there should be no dust inside the room. It is worth remembering that any paint and varnish liquids are highly flammable. This is why there should not be any sources in the room where the car is to be painted on its own, which can lead to a fire.

Required Tools and Equipment

To prepare the car for painting, you need a certain set of equipment. It's a grinder or a Bulgarian. Also in the process will be used pneumatic guns - with their help on the body will be applied liquid putty and primer.

To thoroughly and completely dry the body after treatment, it is recommended to use infrared emitters - this equipment will not only allow the car to dry out evenly, but it will also significantly speed up the process. Preparation of the car for painting necessarily requires the use of putty, and therefore, you need to buy all the necessary putty and priming compositions. It is not superfluous to have a paint tape, abrasive wheels for a grinding machine. Many recommend using masking tapes, films and clay. And, of course, you need a set of tools - putty knives, planes, paint knives and bars.

Cleaning the surface of the body

Any details that may interfere with the dyeing process (and these are different moldings and other decorative details, locks, any seals) must be dismantled. If this is not done, during the washing process, a large amount of moisture will accumulate beneath these elements, resulting in corrosion and the machine will rot immediately after painting.

Many people neglect this and consider this action optional. But experts who know how to properly prepare a car for painting, it is recommended to do it this way - to make a complete dismantling of all unnecessary elements.

Before you drive the car into the working area, it should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped with a rag. Use a rag that does not leave a pile. The dirt itself will be removed only under the influence of a strong and powerful jet.

How to inspect a car

Experts willingly share with beginners the secrets, how to prepare the car for painting. If you follow all the rules exactly, you can get a good result. At the next stage of work, the car must be carefully inspected.

The body is carefully inspected. During this process, you need to decide which parts will be repainted afterwards. Also during the inspection, the owner will understand which elements should be leveled with putty. Next, you should decide which painting will be performed - partial or full.

Paint selection

To choose a suitable paint for the whole body is simple, but in the case of partial painting everything is much more complicated. If the repainted part is even slightly different, it looks very rough. Therefore, many SRTs have computer systems that allow you to choose the right color. At home, using a single computer, the color issue can not be solved, and therefore you need to follow a different scheme. How to prepare the car for painting and choose the right color? To do this, you need to know exactly the color number printed on the body at the moment (under the hood is a metal plate with a shade code). What else you need to know about how to properly prepare the machine for painting? Of course, the required amount of materials.

To fully paint the body of a 4-door sedan, you need 4 kg of primer and 6 kg of enamel. If partial tinting is performed, then for each square meter, 110 grams of enamel and 150 grams of primer are required.

And most importantly, what novice motorists should know about how to prepare a car for painting - both enamels and primers should be of the same manufacturer. Otherwise, there is a risk of tearing off the coatings.

How to protect unvarnished body parts

All elements that are not planned to be painted are carefully closed. For this purpose, professionals recommend using special stencils. They are attached to the right areas for paint tape. For places where there are even lines, you can use a medical plaster - this is the ideal solution. But often in the questions, how to prepare the machine for painting with your own hands, and practice other options - using a special composition. 20% dextrin, 30% glycerol are mixed, 40% chalk and 10% water are added. After the painting procedure, this mixture is very easily washed off with ordinary water. The most important thing is that this drug does not get on the stained areas.

Degreasing and grinding

The best remedy for this operation is white spirit. After the bodywork is finished, all surfaces to be painted must be wiped dry. The next step in this task, how to prepare the machine for painting, is called abrasion. This is the most difficult process. There are several methods of grinding before painting. The most common are the mechanical and thermal methods.

Features of grinding

The mechanical method is an ordinary grinding using sandpaper with a grain size of 100. Also, a special grain 240 tool is used for the final result.

What is the most important in this process? Observance of rules of gradation of denominations of abrasive. The rule states that the value of the grain level between the initial and the next paper must be at least 100. Otherwise, there is a risk of precipitation of the paint.

Thermal cleaning

A blowtorch is used for this treatment option . Sites that are repainted - burned out. The paint coating will soften as a result of heating, and it is very easy to remove it with a brush. However, this method has a drawback - if the heating is not uniform, then there is a risk to significantly disrupt the integrity of the metal and decorative elements. But so you can very quickly prepare the machine for painting.

Other ways to clean the body

Specialists also highlight other methods of cleaning - the use of sandblasting technology and the use of chemicals. Sandblasting is often used to remove corrosion - cleaning is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. The method of chemical cleaning will suit, more likely, for removal of a varnish on all surfaces of a body at its ideal condition. Solvents will perfectly cope with any paintwork.

After cleaning

After grinding or any other treatment, another degreasing is performed. Then the body is again wiped off with lint-free cloths. Then you can go to the next step.


The application technology depends on the vehicle and the task. Sometimes the structure is additionally added with fiberglass or aluminum powder. The number of layers is determined by the task. Apply putty on the surface strictly across the dent, while aligning it. As soon as there are lumps in the putty mass, it is better to stop the work. If the mass begins to wither, there is no point in touching it. Dry putty on average for 15-20 minutes.


At the final stage, the soil is applied to the body. These compounds will significantly improve the quality of the adhesion of the paint and the painted parts. In addition, primer compositions protect the metal from corrosion.

Primer is performed in three stages. On the first, phosphating is carried out. Then, with the aid of leveling primers, small defects are removed. At the last stage, the soil gives the surface an ideal appearance. Experts who know how to prepare a car for painting, advised to apply the first layer of the primer with a horizontal line. In this case, each of them must overlap the previous one by 50%. The second is applied vertically and in a thinner layer. Each of them must dry for 10 minutes. Do not apply more than three layers. Further, the surface should dry for 2-3 hours. Then it is polished and degreased.

So, we found out how to prepare the car for painting with our own hands in garage conditions.

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