Cuticle remover - easy and convenient

Regular, proper hand care also includes the care of the cuticle: its softening and removal, nutrition. Few people understand that the condition of the cuticle affects the health of the entire nail in general. Cuticle on the nails - a dense leathery cushion that surrounds the nail plate of the lower part of the nail. It plays a protective role, preventing foreign bodies and bacteria from penetrating to the growth zone. Cuticle margins are dead cells. They dry up, and then exfoliate, giving rise to burrs, which are very painful and unaesthetic. Therefore, the cuticle is usually removed.

About 20 years ago, few women thought about what a cuticle is and why it should be removed. Today, wishing to remain beautiful even to the tips of the nails, definitely there is plenty to choose from: these are various oils, gels, creams, etc. Everyone can pick up the cuticle remover to their liking.

It is very easy to use all these tools. It is only necessary to apply the cuticle remover to the skin around the nails and leave it so for a while. After a few minutes, the extra cuticle can be easily removed and applied.

Most means for care of the cuticle are released in the vials and a brush and tubes. What kind of cuticle remover is needed depends on the condition of the cuticle.

If the cuticle is thick and dry, you should select the means that can solve this problem. Such a cuticle is usually cut, minimizing the possibility of injury. If you use the cuticle remover regularly, then after a while the need for edging manicure itself will disappear. Means for removing cuticles are usually used during the manicure procedure (usually once a week), butter or nourishing cream is recommended to use daily.

Today it is not difficult to find the most convenient means. However, if you use a pencil to remove the cuticle, you should not give it to your girlfriend. This is the same personal hygiene as a toothbrush, which means that only you should use it.

What is included in the remedy for cuticle removal?

Alkali. As a rule, funds that quickly remove the cuticle, are intended for professional use in salons. They contain alkali. If you want to use one of these tools yourself, you need to take precautions.

Means with alkali can be applied simultaneously only on three fingers and keep up to 5 minutes. Then they are thoroughly washed with water and soap. If you keep such a tool on the cuticle until it is completely absorbed, you can get a severe chemical burn.

Aggressive acid. This group of funds is difficult to find in a free sale. Especially cautious should be the lover to use professional cosmetics at home. With acid remove the hard, coarsened cuticle and keratinized skin on the heels. At home, use this tool is strongly undesirable.

Fruit acids. At the heart of many products are used fruit acids. On their packaging there is a characteristic mark of A. A. A. Perhaps, this composition is more successful than all others. It is considered absolutely safe. You can apply it on the cuticle literally every day.

Also, there are means that reduce the growth of the cuticle. They are not aimed at solving the problem, but at preventing it. With their help you can make the cuticle more elastic and soft, so it will not overgrow and burrs will not appear.

Means that prevent the growth of the cuticle, produced in the form of creams, oils and pencils. The most convenient of all is a cuticle pencil. Aloe, wheat proteins and vitamins A, C, and E. Almost all of these products include aloe, wheat proteins and vitamins A, C and E. Cuticle removers and agents that slow it down are produced by many companies, for example, the products of Sally Hansen, CND, Be Natural, Masura, etc.,

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