Car "Daihatsu Therios": reviews of the owners with photos

Reliable, attractive and functional crossovers have always been popular. Under this description, the Japanese model "Daihatsu Therios" is also suitable. The owners' testimonials are a direct confirmation of the fact that this car is practical and of high quality. Once again this makes it possible to see the desire of many to buy this crossover, even despite the absence of official deliveries to Russia. However, despite this, many order the model straight from Japan. And they remain satisfied with this decision. But first things first.


Before considering the feedback of owners about the car "Daihatsu Therios" reviews of owners, it is necessary to briefly tell about the car itself.

It was an all-wheel drive compact crossover, the first versions of which were equipped with two engines. Both were 1.3-liter and produced a power of 83 and 92 horsepower respectively. Later appeared the so-called Daihatsu Terios Kid. These versions, too, were all-wheel drive, but they were equipped with 0.7-liter units, producing 64 and 60 liters. from.

With the beginning of the 2000s, models with more powerful engines began to appear in the light. There was a motor for 86 liters. With., And behind it and 140-strong unit. It was the strongest engine. Later, models with engines for 64, 85, 104 and 105 "horses" were produced. The maximum volume of engines was 1.5 liters.

On the operation of the first generation

Left on the crossover "Daihatsu Therios" owner's feedback helps to understand what this car is in terms of technology.

Many in their garage have models of the 90s. Those that were equipped with a 92-horsepower engine. The real expense is 11 liters per 100 "urban" kilometers around the city in the warm season. In winter it increases to a maximum of 13 liters. "Appetite" in relation to the oil is slightly overstated - the engine consumes half a liter of 5-7 thousand km. Owners say that in this regard, the consumption can be reduced. It is enough to install new oil-removable caps, gaskets, make the rings and work the engine with a special additive.

Auto "Daihatsu Therios" reviews are mostly positive. People claim that this crossover is not hopeless in terms of improvement and modernization. He is also reliable, and the search for consumables and spare parts does not cause problems, despite the fact that the model was not supplied to the Russian market.

About comfort

This is an important nuance, which must be noted with attention, telling about the car "Daihatsu Therios". Reviews of people who own this machine, make sure that the car is really comfortable, despite its modest dimensions.

The interior of her laconic. The instrument panel is trimmed with a nice, but rigid combined black-gray plastic, the seats are upholstered in velor, and the soft ceiling is covered with a foam-based film. Which, according to motorists, is afraid of scratches. Therefore, when loading things, you must be careful not to damage the ceiling.

Behind the wheel, as the owners assure, very comfortable. Expansion in the legs and over the head is enough, the chair can be adjusted as you want. Although the seats are not quite suitable for vertical landing, which is typical of SUVs.

Also, the owners pay attention to an excellent overview, high ceiling, large windows, ergonomic arrangement of controls. But there is not much space behind. With comfort can accommodate two people, three will have to make room.


This topic should also be noted with attention, considering the owners' responses to the crossover "Daihatsu Therios".

In this machine, people value dynamics very much. For a model with a small-displacement engine, a top speed of 155 km / h is a good indicator. And acceleration to "hundreds" in 13.5 seconds - too.

Still many pleases soft, short, but informative brake, and also qualitative АКПП. It is these technical nuances that allow the car to feel in the city traffic and traffic jams, like a fish in the water.

Also, the model boasts good off-road performance. "Daihatsu Therios", the photo of which is presented above, excels in mud, deep snow and impassability. And the locking of the all-wheel drive differential is an excellent aid in winter when braking on ice. Its effectiveness on a slippery surface is noticeably increasing. And the city during a heavy snowfall and can be considered at all an element of this car. On this machine, it is almost impossible to provoke an uncontrolled skid. It is easy to control, and this is one of the reasons why Daihatsu Terios is respected by motorists.

Behavior on the road

It is worth continuing the theme of manageability. Because in this respect, Daihatsu Therios is of particular interest. Feedback from the owners of the photo confirm this fact.

All are confident that the true element of this crossover is winter. The model works perfectly with the ABS system, all wheels are connected by a transmission, and if you install a quality rubber, then no ice will be scary. Even if you have to conquer slippery slopes and rises. And to feel confident, the owners in front of a steep hill include a lock in advance.

In deep snowdrifts, the model does not sink, but goes confidently, like a tank. This fact made Daihatsu Terios favorite among lovers of winter fishing. Even if the snow is on the very glass, it's not scary to go. Plus, the engine starts in any frost. And the stove heats with dignity. So this is the ideal car for the harsh Russian climate.


Excellent equipment - that is what the crossover "Daihatsu Therios" can boast of. Feedback, technical characteristics, controllability, dynamics - these topics are of interest, but it is also important to know which electronics provide the maximum comfort to the driver and his passengers in this model.

In the basic equipment, the car was equipped with front and rear windows, electric mirrors, power steering, EBD and ABS, four airbags, an on-board computer, a Sony audio system with 4 speakers, a remote control with CD, 16R alloy wheels, and an immobilizer.

More expensive versions were still fog lights, roof rails, leather-trimmed steering wheel and bumpers, painted in body color. In general, everything necessary for comfort in the car was.


This is the last nuance that deserves attention. To date, the purchase of Daihatsu Terios seems possible, but the specific price depends on the mass of nuances. So, for example, the 2009 model of production in good condition and with a 105-horsepower engine will cost about 700 tons.

But the crossover of the late 90's, which is on sale in real terms, will cost about 250-300 thousand rubles. So an acceptable price is another nice feature of this car.

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