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How to make your server on the Internet?

A lot of fans of computer games came up with a great idea about creating their own game server. Many tried, someone even launched it on the Internet, but only a few units achieved popularity. Why? Because the answer to the question "how to make your server" is not so simple. It is necessary not only the desire, but also the means, and experience, and many other things. So how do I make my server?

The whole process can be broken down into certain stages. How to make your server? To do this, consider the stage called "Preparation". To start with:

1. A team is required. It is necessary to collect at least a few people with whom you can work. Think over the role in the team, in order to concentrate in more detail on their immediate responsibilities.

2. It is necessary to consider the main details and moments. After the team's collection, it's worth thinking about server features, about its original and unique name. The name is the face of the server, and it should be given considerable attention.

3. Finally, do not forget about the most important detail - about the budget. If the server will be leased, then you need to have enough money for this very lease for at least six months. As a result, a more or less tolerable server needs several hundred dollars.

How to make your server? After developing a solid foundation, you can start a full-fledged work with the server. This will include the following items.

  1. Assembly. You just need to decide on this parameter. It is usually recommended to use a paid version and improve it with the growing popularity of the server. Many start with a free version, and then buy the assembly. However, this can cause additional problems with the transfer of content and databases.
  2. Choice of rates. Decide on the most convenient rates. For high, as a rule, quests are not important, but you should pay attention to clothing, weapons, jewelry and other attributes.
  3. If you talk about how to create your own server "l2", then you need to choose and chronicles. It is difficult to advise something more specific - the choice will depend on your taste.
  4. Such a thing as a geodata is certainly necessary. But you can download it free of charge, without wasting your money.
  5. And finally, the last point is bugs. It should be noted separately, because bugs will always be, and the fight against them is stubborn and eternal.

Another important point is the site for the server. Here you can also paint the main points. After all, how to make your server, while missing such an important point as creating a website for it?

  1. About design it is necessary to say in the first place, but here it is difficult to advise something. Unless recalled about such details as animation and pictures.
  2. It is important to pay attention to download speed. To do this, you need to choose a good hosting, where the optimal price and quality would be correlated.
  3. Information saturation. The most complete information about the server, its strengths, news. Do not forget to notify customers about technical work or stop the server.
  4. Forum. It needs to be created not only for communication of players among themselves, but also for monitoring.

Creating your own server is a difficult task, but it's not all. It needs to be improved. And then the players themselves can help.

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