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What is the name of all "Monster High"? Monster High - the names of the characters

Five years ago, no one heard of the "Monster High." This series became popular only in 2010. Cartoons, comics, plastic dolls - all based on a single universe that captures small children with their heads. In fact, everything is pretty simple - there is a school where real monsters are accepted. They study there, build relationships, funny and funny situations. At least, that's exactly what happens in cartoons and comics.

If we are talking about dolls, then the children themselves need to connect their imagination and think about how someone treats them, what they will do together. Such a doll will be a perfect gift for a young child, and the floor is not important here. Of course, the main target audience are girls, but boys are at school in monsters, so it can not be said that the whole series is only released for one sex. So, it's worth looking at the main characters of this universe. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be able to indicate the name of all "Monster High", since for four years of the series there are already more than fifty characters. But the very first, from which everything began, are still the most famous.

Frankie Stein

If you want to know the name of all "Monster High", then you have to spend a lot of time. After all, these characters are already a lot, their number is constantly growing. But nine of them are the most famous and beloved - it is about them that will be discussed later. The most popular character is Frankie Stein - as the story tells, she is the daughter of Professor Frankenstein. Accordingly, it is collected from different parts of the body, that is, on its skin the seams, the places where the body parts were connected together, are clearly visible. She even has different eyes, and two bolts can be seen from her neck - as in the case of the Frankenstein monster, electricity was needed to revitalize Frankie, and the bolts served as his receiver. Even Frankie does not know how the name "Monster High" is called, because she got to school at the age of fifteen days - that's how much time has passed since her "father" revived her. But in this universe there are still quite interesting heroes, which will be discussed later.


It will be fairly simple for children to remember the name of all "Monster High", since their names refer to certain famous monsters. In Frankie's case, this is Frankenstein's monster. It's not difficult to understand who the reference is to the next character, Draculaura. She is the daughter of Dracula, but she does not feed on blood, replacing her with iron-fortified foods. Its permanent attribute is a black umbrella, due to which it can appear on the street at any time of the day. You remember, vampires are afraid of daylight. Games "Monster High" very often represent Draculaur as the main character, as she is very charismatic and interesting.

Claudine Wolfe

Another popular character in the universe is Claudine Woolf. She also constantly becomes the protagonist of the next series "Monster High", as she has an unusual appearance. She has wolf ears, and fangs stick out of her mouth. All this speaks of its origin - Claudine is a daughter of werewolves. Her brother Claude, who is also a werewolf, is studying at her school. At the same time she dreams of becoming a real designer of clothes, being one of the most stylish girls in the whole school. Again, the example of Claudine clearly shows that it is very easy to remember the names of "Monsters Hi", with pictures it is even easier to do, since they all have a very catchy appearance - it is much more difficult to fit them all in the head, given the abundance of characters.

Cleo de Nile

With some characters whose names are translated into Russian, problems may arise if the child does not know English. The same name Claudine Wulf will not tell the child anything if he does not know that the character's surname is translated as "wolf". But some names of "Monsters High" in Russian are very easy to understand, since they do not change at all when translating. However, knowledge is already needed here, for example, geography or history, because you can not immediately understand that Cleo de Nile is a descendant of the mummy of the pharaoh. The tip is given by her name, because one of the most famous Egyptian empresses was called Cleopatra, and the Nile is a river in Africa.

Dews Gorgon

This character refers already to Greek mythology, since Deuce is the son of Medusa Gorgone. From the mother he got snakes instead of hair, but he found them use. Of these, he makes a fashionable Iroquois, from which the girls are delighted. He also inherited her gaze, which turns everyone into stone. But the effect of this spell lasts only twenty-four hours, and Deuce himself does his best to protect his friends. He wears black glasses, which, however, do not interfere with him, since they perfectly complement his style.

Blue Lagoon

In the series "Monster High" characters can refer to a variety of monsters, mythological creatures and other creations. Not without the sea heroine - Laguna Blue is a descendant of a sea monster. Hence its bluish skin color, the presence of fins on the body, and also the membranes between the fingers on the hands. If you look at her character, then she is not like other girls - she is characterized by the so-called "patsan" manners.

Gulia Yelps

If there is a school of monsters, then it's hard to imagine that there is not a place for zombies. Gulia Yelps is just such a character - she is a daughter of a zombie, so you can not say that she is like other people. The names "Monster High" often correspond to some features of their parents, refer to famous characters, but not in the case of Gulia - there is no reference here. She can not speak in a normal language - only groans and rales from her mouth, while she often stoops and can limp on one leg. But do not think that she looks superfluous against the others - this girl is the smartest in the whole school, and also hides her incredibly beautiful face behind big glasses.

Abby Bomineble

Also in the school for monsters, the daughter of Yeti, the Snowman, also learns. In a way, it is unique. Her lower lip thrusts forward the upper, and the fangs, which are seen from the mouth, are not directed downward, like the same Draculaura, but upwards. All this refers to the Snowman, including the love of white fur. Abby also has sharp claws instead of nails, and the color of her skin is different from normal - it has a bluish tinge.

Spectra Wondergeist

The last of the nine original characters "Monster High" is Spectra Wondergeist. She is the daughter of ghosts, and because of this she has some differences from other characters. First of all, it should be noted that she has transparent brushes and feet - naturally, this is only visible in comics, games and animated series. If we consider directly the Spectra itself, then its hands will be the same as the rest of the body. By the way, the color of her skin can not be called ordinary - it is absolutely white, without a hint of liveliness.

Variety of characters

If you take a detailed study of the "Monster High" universe, the list of characters can be incredibly long. Now, when the series is at the height of popularity, new comic books are constantly appearing, as well as computer games "Monster High." Naturally, the creators introduce as many new characters as possible to please their little fans. Of course, this is due to the fact that the creators want to earn as much money as possible. After all, new characters - this is an occasion to release new episodes of comics, to shoot on them a new series of the animated series. Also with new characters you can do more computer games, and most importantly - continue to produce different dolls.

Moreover, even the original nine characters are reprinted each time and come out with any changes. Sometimes it happens serious changes in appearance, and sometimes - a small change of accessories. For example, a doll can change earrings or a handbag, and this will cause the release of a new batch. But all this is not so important, because the most important thing is the pleasure that children receive when parents give them a new doll or include the next series of their favorite cartoon. "Monster High" is a beautiful universe that tells incredible stories that can conquer the hearts of millions of kids. These dolls have long competed on an equal footing with the classic "Barbie" or other popular series of Winx toys. But the universe, in which there is a huge number of teen monsters - is a very interesting world, which brings great pleasure to children.

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