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How to craft a piston in a Maincrafter?

In "Maynkraft" you can come across a variety of types of blocks that can be targeted for different purposes. For example, there are blocks that make up the game world, and you can either destroy them, or get useful resources from them. Of course, they can be left in their original form and not touch. But the fact is that these blocks do not have any additional functions - they simply exist and are converted to resources if the player processes them. It is much more interesting to look at those blocks that have their own capabilities. The latter you can use to achieve your own goals. For example, you can take one of the most used blocks in this area - the piston. In this article, you will find out what the block is like, how to craft a piston and how to use it.

Craft piston

It starts with the fact that the pistons are the blocks that are created by the player. This means that in nature you will not meet them. Accordingly, you need to learn how to craft a piston to get it at your disposal. To do this, you will first need to collect a fairly large amount of materials, since one such block will require four cobblestones, three boards, a redstone and an iron bar. All these materials must be properly placed in the workbench to get a positive result. In the central cell there should be an iron bar, under it - a redstone. The entire upper row you need to fill with boards, and in the remaining cells place a cobblestone. That's all, now you know how to craft a piston, so you can create any number of these blocks - but why? How to use them?

Using the piston

As it was said before, the piston is a very popular block, which is used by almost all players. Now you know how to craft a piston, and you can join them. The reason for his popularity is quite simple - he can move other blocks. When creating a piston, there is one side that is different from the others - it is from this that a bar is pushed out, which repels other blocks that are on this side. So you can move up to twelve blocks - this is a very useful feature. You can move the blocks in all directions - including upwards. Accordingly, you can come up with quite a few ways to use the piston in the game. However, for now, you only know how to craft a piston in Meincraft, but it is limited in functionality. There is its analog, which allows you to change the process a little.

Kraft sticky piston

In addition to an ordinary piston, the game has its sticky counterpart. It allows you to do all the same, but does not repel the closest block. How to craft a sticky piston? Much easier than the ordinary - the fact is that he has only two components. The first is slime, which you can find in the world in specific locations. But the second one is a ready-made ordinary piston. When you combine these two items, you get a new block that has advanced functionality.

Using a sticky piston

As you have already understood, the principle of action of a sticky piston is similar in many respects to that of a conventional piston, but it has its own peculiarities. The main of them is the fact that when the piston is returned to its place, the first block, which was closer to the device, is also returned. Due to this effect, you can come up with various interesting devices and mechanisms. For example, a sticky piston is very often used in creating secret doors, as it is ideal for this purpose. Naturally, no one limits you - you can come up with your own options for using this unit.

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