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How to set the mods for "Sims 4": recommendations

Relatively recently, a fourth part of the remarkable and unique "Sims" series, which is the only simulator of everyday life, was published. In the games of this series, you create yourself a character, settle in the house and ... just live. You need to get a job, make money to buy your own food and do repairs in the apartment, communicate with neighbors, find new friends and much, much more. Here you can create your own family and raise a child, master various skills that can then be used in practice. In general, there are a lot of opportunities, and with each new game in the series their number increases.

However, it is worth mentioning separately that various modifications are constantly coming out, which further expand the possibilities of an already impressive project. You can download a variety of clothes for your character, furniture, exterior options, hairstyles, decorations, whole themed homes and a huge amount of other content that increases the pleasure of playing and the duration of being in it several times. However, there is quite a reasonable question about how to establish the fashion for "Sims 4". This is far from the most simple action, it can differ from case to case and has some features, each of which should be considered separately. So, this guide will tell you how to install the mods for "Sims 4".

General recommendations

So, you decided to figure out how to install the mods for "Sims 4", because you wanted to add more content to the game, making it even more exciting and exciting. What do you need to do for this? First of all, it is necessary to find the modifications files themselves on the web, which are on various sites dedicated to this game, and download them to your computer. They will be packed into the archive, so it will be better if you check the downloaded file for viruses and other malicious programs. After that you need to look into the archive and see what its content is. Here in most cases there are only two options. First, there will be a file or files with the extension .package in the archive, the second one: there will be files with the extension .pyo or .py. In the first case, you need to immediately unpack the archive with the received files, in the second, you do not need to unpack anything, the actions will be performed with the archive. What kind of actions? Still, how to set the fashion for "Sims 4"? This is exactly what will be discussed later.

Installing mods in .package and .pyo / .py formats

You already have modification files, and now another logical question is raised about where to install the mods in "Sims 4". Now you get a detailed answer to it. First of all, you need to consider the situation in which you downloaded the mod in the package format. You already followed the previous instructions and unpacked the archive, but what to do next with these files? You need to go to the folder where your documents are stored, find another there - with the name of the game developer (Electronic Arts), and then from it go to the folder with the name of the game, where you already find the final one called Mods - that's where you need to copy it Or move the modification files. It is also possible to create subfolders with different categories so that you can more easily navigate in the modifications that you install.

Well, now you know how to install the mods on "Sims 4." (.package) - it's time to deal with another large group of modifications. As already mentioned above, in the downloaded archive you can have files in the .py and .pyo formats. Their installation does not differ from the mods in the Package format, since all the differences are that you need to send archives with files to the mods folder, not the files themselves.

Activation of mods in the game settings

So, you now know exactly how to install the mod ("School Sims 4" and any other modifications), but if you just transfer the files to the above folder and start the game, nothing will happen. The fact is that you need to go to the settings of the game and there tick the checkbox that activates the use of modifications. After that, you can choose which modifications you want to use in a particular gaming session, and then already make the game load. You will find that now you have access to many more things, objects, houses, characters, and so on. But most often such modifications have only a superficial impact. If you want something more, for example, learn how to install a fashion house in "Sims 4", then you will have to try a little more. But all the necessary information is collected in this manual, so you just need to read further.

Installing Characters

Well, now you know how to install fashion clothes "Sims 4" - this is a superficial improvement, so you should not have any problems with it. However, there are modifications that require a bit more effort - for example, installing new characters in the game. To do this, you, as in the previous case, you need to download the characters from the Internet - most often they are also delivered in the archives. When you unpack the archive with the character, you will need to check if there is enough files to allow the character to function. This should be files of extensions such as hhi or trayitem, as well as householdbinary and sgi.

The number of files can be different, but they should not be less than five pieces per character. All these files you need to move to the folder Tray, which is adjacent to the above Mods. After that, in the character library, you can select the hero you need and make him active - or turn it into your neighbor, friend, love partner, and so on. A distinctive feature in this case is the fact that you do not need to activate characters as the modes described above are activated. Moreover, you do not even need to turn off the game to add new heroes. And you should not care about the question of how many mods can be installed in "Sims 4" - there can be any number of them, and it is limited only by how much free space is available on your C drive, since you can not store a fashion on another disk, Except the system.

Installation of houses

Many gamers are asking about how to install the fashion in the "Sims 4" -pyrack. Fortunately, there are no problems with this - the mods are installed in exactly the same way, but here the problem can arise when installing directly the most pirated version of the game. If it already exists and functions, then there should not be any problems with the installation of mods. Returning to the topic, it is worth saying that the modifications to the houses are the most complex, since they have the most elements and details. That's why the archive with the house will contain at least eight files of various extensions - most of them will be bpi files . You need these files Send to the same place where you placed new characters, that is, in the folder Tray. As for adding a house to the game, here you have to go into the editing mode of the city, find a free site and choose the downloaded house from the gallery, after which you can install it in the free space.

Risk of use

Now you have a pretty deep idea of how to install various modifications to the game "Sims 4". This is basic information that will allow you to understand almost any mod, but if you are having trouble, you should look at the installation instructions that will either be in the archive along with the mod you downloaded or on the site from which you downloaded the files to your computer . But most importantly, what you should pay attention to is the fact that you add any materials, modifications and additional functions under your responsibility, that is, the developer is not responsible for what will happen to your gaming client after similar updates. After installing the modification, the game process may differ from the original one, and it may also display glitches and bugs - this is no longer a developer's problem. So always be careful when improving your game and remember that for all these actions you are solely responsible.

Replacing defaults

Creating your own thing or model is quite a complicated process, so many mod creators try to simplify themselves by replacing some of the things present in the game with new ones. Thus, instead of one garment, for example, another appears. But if you install two mods, each of which will try to replace the same object, then one of them will not be displayed - and this is the minimum damage that you can incur. It is possible, this can lead to more serious disruptions in the game.

Non-Invasive File

There is a problem with one file, which by default is in the folder with mods - it's a config, called Resource.cfg. It happens that a player who decides to clean a folder with mods, deletes all its contents, and then is surprised that his game does not work. The fact is that this configuration is an important element of the game, and its removal leads to malfunctions. Therefore, if you often install and remove mods, make sure that this file always remains in place.

Third level

Well, the last recommendation for installing mods - it was previously said that you can create subfolders in the mods folder to categorize the modifications. Note that if you decide to go from the second level to the third one and create another subfolder in the subfolder, the game will not see either its itself or its contents, that is, the modes inside it will not work.

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