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Hyde Hearthstone: Deck of the Zoologist. Description, passage and recommendations

Hearthstone - computer card game, which takes its roots from the source called Warcraft. One of the game tactics used by players was called the deck of a zoologist. The correct name is zoo-loka (from the words "zoo" and "lock"). This will be discussed in the article.

Zoologist Warlock. Deck and a few guides

Warlock in the game only one - orcish shaman Gul'dan. Yes, yes, the very one that invaded Azeroth, sacrificing the soul of the Draenei.

Thanks to Gul'dan's ability to sacrifice one's health in order to get a card from the deck, it's possible to fill the entire playing field much faster to suppress the opponent. The deck of the zoologist is used by players actively. The essence of the tactics is to fill the battlefield with cheap creatures as quickly as possible, simultaneously finishing off those whom the enemy expose, suppress with quantity and take the upper hand before the game reaches 10 mana crystals.

Gul'Dan zoologist, Hearthstone deck

Especially effective against league players - who are strong by the end of the game, are at first protected badly. In addition, a newcomer who missed all the most significant updates, which made it possible to get very good cards, will be useful to the zoologist. A budget deck will roughly look like this:

  • The crouching sergeant;
  • Demon of the Abyss;
  • Fiery Bes;
  • Overflowing Power;
  • Lena Tlena;

This card costs 1 mana crystal, you can play it with the first move. Further - the cost of 2 crystals:

  • Nerubian Egg;
  • Iron-clav;
  • Leader of the Fierce Wolves;
  • Juggler with Daggers;
  • The Obsessed Slave;

Do not always play these cards on the second turn. Start is a good way to beat the advantage. Therefore, it is better to play two cards worth 1 crystal.

Further go more expensive:

  • The horror of the abyss;
  • The leader of the gang of demons;

These cards allow you to knock out the initiative by increasing the number of creatures (the leader of the gang of demons) or to strengthen the card by sacrificing two creatures (Horror of the Abyss).

The following creatures are already 4 crystals:

  • Dwarf of black iron;
  • Defender of Argus;
  • Summoner of the Abyss;
  • Bes-mercy Explosion;

And the last card for 5 crystals is the Guardian of Terror.

The assembly of these cards in the deck does not take a lot of gold and dust, because newcomers will not be difficult. Of course, cards can be replaced with alternative options.

Zoological strategy

It is recommended to hold in the hand of the Gravedigger, the Obsessed Slave and the Fiery Devil. You can leave LePrognome or the Demon of the Abyss, if there is no desire to risk pulling out not very comfortable maps. In the event that there is a creature that can be played this very second, it is better to choose the Servant Sergeant. Juggler Kinzhalov recommended to restrain until there is a moment of clear advantage. Otherwise, the enemy will carry Juggler, the map will be wasted. If you successfully play it, it will be an excellent extra damager on the battlefield. If there is a Gravedigger and a Sergeant in his hand, then it is recommended to play the Nerubian Egg.

Location of cards on the field

Playing is not the last role. When a pack of zoologists is formed, one must take into account the presence of cards without a death rattle and any additional skills. They should be laid first - you do not feel sorry for losing it. When the picture about the numerical advantage is drawn more or less (although it's for 1 card), you can put the Leader of the Lute Wolves in the middle, so that the creatures on both sides get a bonus to attack.

If a more powerful creature is being played, it is necessary to think ahead of whom to sacrifice first. It is also necessary when using the Leader of the Fierce Wolves, to release one of its sides from creatures before using the Bes-merciful Explosion spell so that the summoned demon has hit the playing field next to the Leader and received a bonus. These are the main recommendations for the base game "Zoologist" - a deck, the standard mode of which provides the usual basic maps. About non-standard - we will talk further.

Lok'tar the cinder!

"Victory or death!" Says the orcish motto. Not every player can suppress a pack of zoo. Especially if you fight against Jaina, able to burn out with one spell all creatures whose health is below 4 or equal. And in the presence of maps that enhance the effect of spells, and higher. For example, the dragon Malygos gives +5 to spells. In the presence of Malygos on the battlefield, Jaina plays the Wave of Fire and creatures with health below 9 (or equal to this figure) are burned.

In view of the above, it is recommended to keep one or two cards as an "ace in the sleeve", capable of restoring the lost initiative in one turn.

One example of such maps is the dragon Onyxia. Yes, the same daughter Deathwing. When the card is played, the entire field will be filled with dragons. And the very dragon.

The budget variant of the spammer is the map of Morows (you can get it while passing the Party in Karazhan). The card has a disguise, there are three mana crystals, spam every move of Butler 1/1. Thanks to the disguise, Moroz can only be killed by a massive spell, which makes him a real thorn in the soft spot of the enemy, and any pack of a zoologist can be successfully added.

High cost trumps

A similar effect is possessed by the map of the ancient god I'Sharaj - at the end of each turn pulls out a card from the deck and puts it on the field. Effective if there is an unconquerable provocateur on the field, who will take damage, until a numerical advantage is achieved.

Gul'dan has the opportunity to get a map of Lord Jaraxxus. There are 9 crystals of mana. When playing, will replace the orc himself with the mentioned demon, hand the Blood Rampage 3/8 to the place of the weapon. The power of the hero will be replaced by Peklo - the summonite on the battlefield of Infernal 6/6. An excellent alternative is to fill the battlefield with strong creatures for only 2 mana crystals (the cost of using the hero's skill).

Non-budget deck

To compose such, you will either need to create maps with the help of dust, or go through some expedition. In this case - the League of Researchers.

Below is the deck of the zoologist, in parentheses the cost of use is indicated.

2х The Forbidden Ritual (0)

2х Face of the Decay (1)

2х Overflowing power (1)

2x Servant Sergeant (1)

2х Demon of the Abyss (1)

2х Fire Bes (1)

The Obsessed Peasant (1)

2x Calling Evil (2)

2х Black Archaeologist (2)

Brann Bronzebeard (3)

2х Gangster of the Gang of Demons (2)

2x The Champion of C'Thun (2)

2х Councilor of Darkness (3)

2х Protector of Argus (4)

2х Chosen of C'Thun (4)

Doorkeeper Shower (5)

The Emperor Vek'lor (7)

K'Toon (10)

Brann Bronzebeard comes from the League of Researchers. Such cards as Calling Evil, Champion of C'Thun, Chosen of K'Tuna, Emperor Vek'lor and K'Tun itself can be found in the set of Awakening of the Ancient Gods.

The result

In HS, the deck of a zoologist (or zoo-loka) has many variations. It is important to understand the very essence and draw up decks either on guides or independently, using the available cards. During the game, you can spray unnecessary to create stronger creatures. A lot of dust can be obtained by spraying gold cards at the end of the season.

The game provides templates for creating decks from existing maps. One of the strongest decks can be created by playing for Jaina (but nobody forbids the use of this variation in other classes), it is called the Flame of the Dragon:

2х The Biting Book (1)

2x Manazm (1)

Arcane Arrows (1)

2x Historian of Wrath of Void (2)

2х Ice Arrow (2)

2x Collector of Treasures (2)

2х Arcanist's Intelligence (3)

2х Blackwing Technician (3)

Fireball (4)

The transformation (4)

Twilight Dragon (4)

2x Twilight Sentinel (4)

2х Wing of the Darkwing (5)

2х Azure Dragon (5)

2х Wave of Fire (7)

Icemaw (7)

Alexstrasza (9)

Nefarian (9)

In connection with the advent of such adventures as the Black Mountain, most maps with dragons became available. These winged ones differ from ordinary creatures in terms of damage and health. Therefore, it is recommended to form a deck not only from dragons, but from creatures receiving a bonus if there is a dragon in the hand.

It is recommended that you replace the Treasure Collector with another Fireball spell , discard both the Wizard's Intelligence and one Twilight Dragon cards and complete the deck with maps such as Draconid the Crusher (in two copies) and Rend Chernoruk. The latter will crush any card of legendary quality if there is a dragon in his hand.

In the adventure "Party in Karazhan" there is a good map of Books of God - kills a creature with an attack of 3 or less.

Good game! Lok'narosh! For the Black Mountain!

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