How to build a bath with your own hands?

Thinking about how to build a bath, first choose the site of its erection on the site, and then determine the preferred structure of the structure and materials, and then proceed with the drafting of the project. If you want the steam room to be attached to the house, its erection will be carried out faster, and a smaller amount of building materials will be required, and it is quite easy to perform insulation. When planning the construction of a Russian steam room in the form of a separate building, it is necessary to think over ways of warming the structure, depending on the materials used.

The layout of the sauna : Recommendations how to build a Turkish bath are rather complicated, so it is worthwhile to limit yourself to the construction of a traditional steam room, where the use of wet steam is envisaged. Going to develop the layout of the home bath yourself, consider two options - the classic and the simplest. The traditional option involves the erection of a building divided into four separate rooms, including a tambour and a dressing room, a soap and a steam room. If for you the construction of a bath with your own hands is a chance to build a small steam room on a limited plot of land in a summer residence, you can consider a simple layout, in which only two rooms - a dressing room and a steam room - are enough.

Construction : Tips how to build a bath, reminiscent of the stages of construction of any residential structure. In particular, the work must begin with the laying of the foundation, the type of which should be selected taking into account the building materials used. So, when erecting a steam room made of stone or brick, you will have to create a powerful band foundation, capable of withstanding the heavy weight of stone walls, and for building a lightweight base is also suitable. After the base for the home bath is laid, a horizontal layer of waterproofing should be applied over it to prevent wetting of the walls. When using for the construction of the construction of unprocessed logs, it is necessary to properly assemble the frame, put a reliable roofing system on it , and then fix the roof.

Interior Decoration : When deciding how to build a bath, think about the inner skin, just do not use softwood. For finishing the steam room, birch, aspen or linden is best suited, since a pleasant fragrance exudes from the wood from these species of wood under the influence of a wet steam. The stove-heater must be placed at the door of the steam room, and a chimney is brought to it, and shelves and benches should preferably be installed next to a blind wall. When thinking about how to build a bath, do not use any paint materials in the interior.

Remember that in case of board coating with varnish or paint during the heating of air hazardous toxic substances will be released. And to extend the life of the wooden trim, it's enough to cover the boards with stain or linseed oil. Before this procedure, the shelves and all the benches must be carefully treated with a plane, and then well-sanded, otherwise during a holiday in a Russian steam room you can get hurt.

All metal parts are required to be covered with wood from above, so that they do not burn off under the influence of hot steam. To avoid burning yourself when you are in a thermostat, it is advisable to use only bronze or brass metal parts, since they are less prone to corrosion. Particular attention should be given to the wiring, which must remain waterproof to avoid the negative effects of moisture and moisture. It is best to use light bulbs whose power does not exceed thirty-six watts, and they are sold almost everywhere, because they are easy to buy.

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