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What are the cheats for CSS?

The use of cheats is prohibited in absolutely all multiplayer games, as they affect not only your character, but also others - you gain an advantage over them, which makes the battle between you unfair. However, this does not stop gamers from using cheats, because very often the temptation is very high, because of what it is difficult to refuse it. Moreover, given the popularity of other projects in the series, it can not be said that CSS servers are so closely watched. In addition, modern cheats are equipped with upgraded bypass protection systems, so you can use them more quietly. Naturally, this does not apply to the most popular projects, since the system of protection against cheating is much better there. But if you are interested in cheats for CSS, then here you will have the opportunity to use them. But in any case you need to act cautiously. If you gain an advantage over other players - use it carefully, wisely, and not to the fullest. Super-fast player who passes through the walls and gets even when shooting the other side, very quickly bite and without security systems.

"Eim Bot"

Different resources have different cheats for CSS that can give you unusual abilities. Naturally, some of them remain practically unclaimed, but others get universal distribution, as they give very useful opportunities. For example, you can take the most popular cheat, existing both for this game, and for many other shooters - "Eim Bot". It operates as follows - when you shoot, bullets fly straight into the enemy, even if you shoot the other side. But, as it was said before, do not openly use this cheat, as it will be very noticeable, and you will be banned. The best tactic for using chit is to aim at the enemy, but not necessarily very accurately. If you shoot at him, but not at him, and next to him, then no one will think that you used to achieve the success of cheats for CSS.

"Speed Hack"

If you want to use cheats for CSS, then you should pay attention to another popular version that will allow you to significantly accelerate during the game. "Speed Hack" is a cheat that increases the speed of your character's movement on the map, with his help you can develop simple space speeds. However, as in the previous case, you need to be careful - the speed of movement is perfectly visible to other players. And if you accelerate very much, everyone will instantly realize that you are a cheater, for which you will receive a well-deserved lock. But the essence of this chit is not to move around the map like the famous comic book hero Flash - you only need to increase your speed a little. From the side it will seem that you are moving at the usual pace, but at the same time you will be able to occupy key points ahead of your opponents with proper knowledge of the card, thereby gaining a game advantage in front of them and remaining unnoticed. Cheats for CC V34, of course, are not limited to this. There are other options that you should also try to understand if you need them.

"Val Hak"

Many cheats for CSS V34 may not be useful to you, since not all of them are vital. But in addition to the first two, described earlier, it is recommended to use one more to supplement the ideal combination of a gentleman's set. "Val Hak" is a cheat that gives you the ability to see and shoot through walls. The first part is very useful to you, but the second is better not to abuse. With your new vision, you can get information about where the enemy is, preparing for him a trap around the corner. But shooting through walls causes very serious suspicions. But this does not mean that you should not use this paragraph at all - as in previous cases, do it carefully, and no one will suspect you. In doing so, you can combine cheats for CSS V34 - Aim Bot and Wall Hack look very good together. Moreover, you do not need to install them separately.


There are special sets that already contain everything you need, including such vital objects as cheat VX for CSS V34. Install the set - and get access to all the cheats that you can imagine.

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