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Details on how to install the fashion for the "Terraria"

The game "Terraria" is currently very popular, and it is no accident. After all, there are really many interesting possibilities in it. Also there is a fascinating gameplay. If you are an active participant in this project, then for sure you have repeatedly asked how to establish a fashion for the "Terraria". Of course, with modifications, the game process may not be quite interesting, but it is with their help that you can achieve certain goals with greater ease. If you encounter the mods for this application for the first time, then we recommend that you get acquainted with the article. In it, we will try to reveal as much as possible some secrets of the use of modifications.


So, let's pass directly to the solution of the question, how to establish the fashion for the "Terraria". In fact, everything is simple, and following the steps below, you can easily use add-ons in the game shortly. First of all, you will need to install a special version of tModLoader. It is recommended that you select the most recent release, since previous versions may already be disabled. After the download is complete, all the resulting files should be moved to the game folder in a certain way: / Steam / steamapps / common / terraria. Now you need to download the mod itself, then move it to the folder / Documents / My Games / Terraria / ModLoader / Mods.

Unofficial version

This solution is also suitable in a situation where you do not know how to establish the fashion for pirates "Terraria". There are practically no differences in this case. When all files are moved to folders, you should run tModLoader. In the application itself in the launch field, click on the Mods button. You can find it in the menu. So, now the most important thing: you need to find the required mod, then click on it and make sure that Disabled has been changed to Enabled. Be sure to click the Reload Mods button at the end. This is necessary to save the settings and run the mod. By the way, this answer to the question of how to install the fashion for "Terraria", is suitable for all operating systems, so there should not be any difficulties. The main thing is to place the files correctly at the very beginning.

Early editions

There is another way how to install the fashion for "Terraria". It is suitable for older versions of the application, starting with tModLoader 0.7. Install the application and run it. You get to the menu where you can click the Download button and load the required mod. Further, as in the first method, we activate the corresponding complement.

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