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«Fallout 4: The Human Factor». Passage of the quest

The ability to decide the fate of others is a dangerous power. After all, any wrong decision can lead to serious consequences. And sometimes it happens that there is no right decision at all, and then you have to rely on your own inner voice. So what will the inner voice tell those who decide to pass the additional quest "Human Factor" in the game of Fallout 4?


In Fallout 4, the quest "Human Factor" begins inside a small settlement called the Alliance. The only problem is that anyone is not allowed to go there.

The alliance is a small town consisting of several houses, enclosed by a concrete fence with turrets installed on it. A handful of people live in the territory, who adhere to certain rules and traditions. In appearance - nice people, but why should they have such protection?

In front of the gate is a man who, in exchange for an entrance ticket, offers a test. There is nothing complicated in it. All questions should be answered calmly, without aggression. Rough and hard answers will cause confusion in the gatekeeper, because of what we can conclude that the population of the Alliance is pure good-natured. Well, the test is done, it's time to go inside.

Goal is scheduled

In the Alliance, the hero will meet Honest Dan, who will tell you that he was instructed to find a caravan, so he was here. Here it is the place where the side task Fallout 4 "Human factor" is taken. Passage of it will begin with an inspection of the location where the caravan remains. For work Dan offers half of his award. However, if you immediately accept the offer, the ranger will at first silence the true reason for the search for a caravan. In fact, his employer - Stockton, first of all, is interested in the whereabouts of his daughter, who, most likely, is alive.

Dan did not deceive, the place indicated exactly. Around the scattered things and lies a few corpses. Someone attacked the caravan, and to find out who, it is necessary to inspect everything carefully. In general, there is nothing unusual, except that a box of lemonade "Dyzer". And this is evidence, because such a drink is only in the Alliance, and therefore, the search must continue there.

Unexpected success

On the found evidence should be reported to Dan, who will offer to look for inside the settlement. And the most effective way will be to poll the population. True, this will require an eloquent character. It is a fact. After all, people are not ready to communicate and by any means try to get out of the conversation. But still there is someone who does not keep his tongue behind his teeth.

For example, Penny Fitzgerald. At one point she will speak about a certain Complex, which is somehow connected with the Alliance. And this is another serious clue in the side-job of Fallout 4 "The Human Factor". Passage, or rather the first half of it, from this point on can be considered complete. And the survey can be completed, since the remaining characters do not give valuable information, so it's time to share data with Dan.

On the way to the Complex

So, the business progressed. And, very seriously. Dan, hearing about the Complex, advises to enter the terminal of the head of the settlement - Jacob's Order. He has a very bad memory and he, for sure, wrote down the password on a piece of paper. So you should search for it. The benefit of houses in the Alliance is not enough, it will not be difficult to search them. The treasured piece of paper will be in the barracks.

Continuing to pass in the Fallout 4 task "Human Factor", we hack into the computer of Jacob and extract the necessary information from there. Dan is very happy about this, because he does nothing, and the mission continues to be carried out. Only this time he decides to act, therefore he negotiates with the hero to meet near the Complex.

But already on the way to the meeting place, Jacob will appear, who will offer 100 covers for silence. Although bribery in the Wasteland is a familiar matter, it's hard to imagine that this will be done by Jacob - the kindest character of Fallout 4's "Human Factor". Passing the quest with a positive response is likely to end quickly. Therefore, it is better to abandon the "bottle accessories" and finally get to the mysterious Complex.

Inside the Complex

The necessary organization is located on the south-west of the Alliance, next to a large pond. Entrance to the complex will be in one of the three pipes that enter this pond. Inside, Honest Dan will already be waiting, who will warn that they are being waited.

All right, there are several people ahead who are not going to invite guests inside the Complex. Further events can develop in two ways: the complete destruction of all the inhabitants of the Complex or peacefully, because practically with all you can agree on in "Fallout 4". The Human Factor mission will still be completed, no matter which option is chosen. Since the character got eloquent at the time of the quest, the security will not only pass through the Complex, but also lead to the head of this organization - Dr. Chambers.

Death to the Sint

A woman in a white robe and strange glasses will not hide that she keeps her daughter Stockton - Amelia. But she has a perfectly logical explanation for this. According to her, the girl is a synth. But once an artificial person killed the entire family of a doctor, so the goal of her whole life is the destruction of these creatures. And the character Dr. Chambers promises to pay a tidy sum if he refuses to agree with Honest Dan.

To complete the quest Fallout 4 "Human Factor", the passage will need to be built as follows - go for the conditions proposed by Dr. Chambers, or choose the rescue of Amelia.

If you take the side of the Complex, you have to fight with Dan, because the guy, unlike some, is loyal to his employer, so he will try to finish the job. And this is the simplest option, after all, coping with Dan is easier than arranging the genocide of all the inhabitants of the Complex.

In another scenario, you will have to kill a female doctor, climb into her terminal and open cells with hostages. After this, the task will be completed, and the hero will receive his legitimate 300 bottle caps.

Fallout 4 - Fashion

Since the advent of the game, many people are constantly working in special editors to make Fallout 4 more interesting and better. For example, the passage of the Human Factor mission can be more enjoyable if you use a building modality that removes certain restrictions. True, first you have to clean up the Alliance.

In Fallout 4, fashion has long been a rarity. Some of them allow expanding the list of companions that you can take with you. The most vile creatures - supermutants, Death Claws, wild dogs and other creatures are ready to accompany the hero. There are also mods for improving ammunition, for realistic weather phenomena and even for improving the Heath itself. The main thing is, before stopping, carefully read the instructions.

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