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Paul Delong (Paweł Deląg): the filmography and biography of the actor (photo)

Paweł Deląg is a Polish actor who has gained immense popularity not only in his own country, but also in Russia. Delong was born in late April 1970. His homeland is the Polish city of Kraków, the second populated point of Poland according to the number of inhabitants, which is very popular with tourists.

Who is Pavel Delong?

Childhood future actor was quite ordinary, but as a schoolboy Paul already knew who exactly he wants to become. After completing his studies, Delong entered the Higher Theater School, located in his native Krakow. Student years passed quickly enough, and in 1993 Pavel became a professional actor.

Thanks to his charismatic appearance and talent, Pavel Delong quickly became a popular artist. Immediately after completing the training at the school. Skolsky actor was a member of several troupe theaters located in Wroclaw, Kielce and Warsaw. Native Krakow had to leave the newly-made artist, however, with the first few days off he went home to his parents.

From theater to cinema and back

However, Pavel did not have a theatrical career, and he began attending screen tests, hoping to get at least an episodic role in the television series or cinema. Debong's debut turned out to be quite noisy - his first role was working in the cult tape "Schindler's List", directed by the famous Steven Spielberg.

After the release of the picture on the screen in front of the actor opened all the possible doors in the cinema of the whole world. Paul's talent was appreciated, and the directors began to literally fill the young actor with sentences. According to critics, to build an acting career, Delong was helped by the fact that he did not absolutely agree to all incoming proposals, but chose only interesting and unusual roles.

A distinctive feature of Paul is that he works not only in Poland, but also willingly participates in European and international projects. Actors are well known on the territory of Russia and the states of the former CIS, but most of all he is adored in France, where Delong often rests.

90th years in the life of Paul DeLong

1993 became a landmark for the actor not only because of debuts in the cinema and on the stage, but also because this year Paul became a father. His son called the actor Paul. For already two decades journalists have been trying to find out the name of the girl who gave birth to Delong's son, but the actor himself prefers not to spread his personal life. Apparently, Pavel Delong and his wife, albeit civil, decided not to marry, but to educate the child, being in an open relationship.

In 1997, six films with the participation of this actor appeared on the screens of the Polish cinemas: "The Dark Side of Venus", "The Killer", "Glory and Praise", "Love and Do What You Want", "Young Wolves-1, 2" And also "Marion of Fowe". Thanks to these works the actor was loved by Polish spectators, 1997 became the most "profitable" for the actor.

In the future, the actor realized that it was very difficult to film in several films in parallel, so from 1998, no more than five films with Paul's participation are published each year. However, in 2011 and 2012, Delong made an exception to his rules, noting that he was too much interested in the proposed projects - The Key of the Salamander, The Kiss of Socrates, 1812: The Ulansk Ballad, .R.".

Soon after the beginning of the acting career, Pavel was awarded the most prestigious awards of European countries, where a talented artist is valued highly enough and is happy to welcome him. Delong's homeland also did not stand aside - in 2001 Pavel was awarded the prestigious Teleamor award for his acting and civil merits.

Pavel Delong and criticism

Pavel Delong, a biography whose personal life and talent is interesting to fans of cinema, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and charismatic male actors starring in modern cinema, this is noted by many critics. Some of them vilify, arguing that everything that Delong has today, he got thanks not to his acting talent, but to a bright, handsome appearance.

To spite all envious persons and to the delight of all his fans, Pavel Delong continues to actively act in films and play in the theater. According to the directors who worked with the actor, Pavel is distinguished by his rabid working capacity and is ready to work on the site for days, career for him is the most important value in life.

Secrets of a talented Polish actor

Today, many filmmakers dream of working with Pavel - both beginners and eminent, but the actor does not agree to all proposals. Delonga is periodically invited to appear in Hollywood projects, and this can be considered the highest award for the actor. It is this fact - the indicator that not Paul's sexuality is the key to the development of his acting career.

The intimate life of the actor is his secret, which only the relatives and closest friends know about him. Women all over Europe are ready to give a lot to spend next to him for at least a couple of hours, but the actor himself looks at it with mild irony. At first glance, it may seem that it does not matter to him what they think about him, but this is far from being the case.

Judging by the fact that even the name of the mother of his own son, Delong is kept secret, he is not ready to admit anyone into his personal life, and especially for reporters who want to learn all his secrets. The only representative of the fair sex in the life of the actor, which is known to the press, is his own sister.

Gossip and rumors

At all social events, the actor appears alone, giving the envious people the next occasions for gossip. The whole theatrical get-together of Europe is constantly discussing the inaccessible handsome man, some of his colleagues even consider him to be a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation.

However, journalists are convinced that the gossip that Delong - gay, have no basis, as the actor often speaks out in an interview about his hobby - visiting cinemas with his lady of heart. In one of the interviews, the actor said that a woman should not have much free time, otherwise she starts thinking about various nonsenses and can not concentrate on what is happening in her life.

Paul DeLong's creative projects

It is known that in his spare time Pavel Delong, a biography, personal life and creativity of which is carefully hidden from prying eyes, likes to read classical literature and play sports. To date, in the actor's creative bag, there are about 45 roles in films and a large number of performances, however, Pavel is not going to stop there.

Among the most famous Russian-language projects of Paul should be noted the picture "In June 41st", released on screens in 2008. There, the actor played the role of Captain Otto Regner, one of the Poles, counteracting the protagonist in the performance of Sergei Bezrukov. Actor Pavel Delong recalled that this role was given to him uneasy, because he had to get used to the realities of the Second World War, which he had not known so much about before.

In 2013, the television series "Angel or Demon" appeared on the screens, where Delong got one of the leading roles. This time he plays Oleg Yakovlev, a journalist who has fallen into apathy and is experiencing a creative crisis. Thanks to this role, Pavel Delong, whose photo often appears on the covers of glossy magazines, received a new army of admirers and fans from Russia who constantly besieged the personal post of an idol in the hope of communicating with him and getting an autograph.

Pavel and the fans

I must say that the actor really tries to answer all his fans, at least, most fans who communicate with him through social networks receive messages from him. In the near future, the actor will continue shooting in European films, after which he plans to take a short vacation to focus on reading new scenarios and considering proposals.

Among other things, Pavel Delong leads an active social life and does not hesitate to express his own opinion on certain political issues. Periodically, he holds Internet conferences with his fans, where he discusses what is happening in the world with them on an equal footing.

The actor behaves modestly enough, and according to his own assurances, the very fact that Paul is called the sex symbol of modern Europe, gives the artist a lot of inconvenience. That's why Pavel Delong, films with which are very popular, prefers to hide privacy from strangers, not allowing anyone to his secrets.

In 2013, four works with the participation of Pavel Delong took place: "Glaciers", "Beach", as well as two multi-series feature films - "Marriage in Testament-3" and the "Angel or Demon" we have already named. Now the actor has focused on working in the theater and is engaged in reading new scenarios.

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