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Serial "Daredevil": actors and roles

The heroes of the comic books "Marvel" are becoming more and more known every year. Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men. These superheroes are constantly on hearing. But the cable car "Marvel" decided not to dwell only on full-length films.

Shortly after the release of the Avengers, several serials were launched: "Agents Shch.I.T.a" and "Agent Carter." A few years later, "Netflix" decided to start cooperation with "Marvel". So there were serials "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage", "Legion", "Iron Fist". But the first in this chain was the TV series "Daredevil". Actor Charlie Cox perfectly played the blinded fighter for justice.

"Daredevil": actors and roles

The success of any television project is not only an excellent script, high-quality special effects and good director's work. A considerable role is played by properly selected actors. "Daredevil" can boast of an excellent cast that attracts attention and makes you believe in the history of their characters.

Matt Murdoch

In the series "Sorvigogova" actor Charlie Cox performed the role of Matt Murdoch. Cox was the first actor to play a role in the series.

Matt Murdoch in the performance of Cox almost completely coincides with the hero from the comics. Matt grew up with his father, who participated in clandestine battles. As a child, he witnessed an accident and, by saving an accidental passer-by, was showered with radioactive liquid. So in the early years he became blind.

But the boy did not give up, he continued to learn. But it all changed when Matt lost his father, who was murdered by an agent of criminal authority. The police were inactive and the perpetrators were not punished. Therefore, Matt decided to make justice himself.

Murdoch learned martial arts, improved reflexes and learned to use blindness as a weapon. Having dressed in a red suit, he went to the streets of Hell's kitchen to become a Daredevil.

Foggy Nelson

The best friend and faithful companion Matt Murdoch played actor Elden Henson in the TV series "Daredevil". He was one of the last actors from the main cast, which was approved for the role.

Foggy Nelson performed by Henson is a rather controversial character. He genuinely cares and worries about Matt, but often their views on the common cause do not match. Friendship becomes even more confusing when a common love interest is added to everything.

Karen Page

In the television series "Daredevil" actors are matched with comic images. So, the heroine of Deborah Ann Wall is a strong, strong-willed person. The tall blonde Karen Page hit the "Nelson and Murdoch" wishing to repay the lawyers for the saved life.

Soon, Karen falls in love with Matt, but she does not know that it is he who wears the Daredevil mask and often saves it.

Claire Temple

Nurse Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson - the only character who appeared in all the series about superheroes. Claire is one of the first to recognize the true identity of the Daredevil.

In the first meeting she discovered the Devil of Hell Kitchen in a garbage can. The Raider was bleeding. Medical education allowed Claire to sew up and process all wounds. However, the relationship with Daredevil soon had a negative impact on the life of a nurse: she had to send the child and hide.

Claire - one of the characters of the series, which did not appear in the movie "Daredevil". Actors for the role of a nurse carefully sifted until the choice was settled on Rosario Dawson.

Wilson "Fisk" Moriarty

The role of the main antagonist of the first season of "Daredevil" was performed by Vincent D'Onofrio. Wilson Fisk - the main face of the underworld Hellscap Kitchen. It is tall and tightly built. But most of its weight is made up of muscles. In battle, he is able to resist Daredevil due to monstrous physical strength.

Frank "The Punisher" Castle

In the second season, John Berntal joined the main cast . He played the role of Punisher - a man who decided to take revenge for the death of his family.

The punisher declared war on all the bandits of Infernal Cuisine, including Daredevil. Castle fought in Vietnam and thanks to this, he has a good command of cold and firearms.

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