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Can I exercise during pregnancy? Should I give up active rest?

Many women, when the desired pregnancy comes, try to change their way of life and lifestyle so as to exclude all the negative factors affecting the health of the baby. In general, this is the right decision. But many future mothers are too addicted to these changes, so they abandon their hobbies, change their habitual active rest to passive. And the question of whether it is possible to go in for sports during pregnancy is answered categorically: "No!". Despite the fact that such an opinion is held by many pregnant women, it can not be called correct.

Firstly, if the period of bearing of the child runs without complications, then it does not make sense to think about whether it is possible to go in for sports during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a disease that requires medical treatment and compliance with bed rest, but a natural, beautiful and unforgettable condition of a woman. With prolonged absence of permanent physical exertion, the muscles atrophy in any person, lose elasticity and elasticity. This state of the organism negatively affects the health of both children and adults, not to mention pregnant women preparing for childbirth. And if you take into account the fact that the basis of labor is the reduction of various muscle tissues, it is not only possible to do sports during pregnancy, but it is also necessary. From the physical readiness of the female body depends most of the happy birth of a little man.

Of course, in search of an answer to the question of whether it is possible to go in for sports during pregnancy, every woman should take into account her state of health and consult a doctor. Some medical indications, such as uterine bleeding, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancies, individual features of the placenta, threats of abortion or congenital malformations of the child, exclude the use of large physical exertion. But even with the diagnosis of these problems, the doctor is unlikely to forbid visiting the pool. Swimming not only removes muscle tone and relaxes, but also calms, increasing the mood of the mother, which favorably affects the baby.

In addition to swimming, the doctor can be recommended other sports during pregnancy: walking, slow running, special gymnastic exercises aimed at developing and strengthening the muscles of the abdominal cavity, etc. Well, if Mom before the pregnancy was engaged in a certain sport, and There are no contraindications to physical exercises, then she can safely continue her studies. However, the discount on the modified state of the figure still need to be done.

The complex of exercises for pregnant women was chosen so that its main task was not only to maintain a common physical shape, but also to strengthen the spine, as well as the muscles of the press. Such exercises will positively affect the health of the future mother, greatly facilitate the process of the birth of a long-awaited baby.

If, with the onset of a desired pregnancy, the well-being of a future mother is satisfactory, one should not change her life. After all, bearing the crumbs is the period that leaves the most pleasant memories. The feeling of a small man growing in the tummy should not be overshadowed by the rejection of your favorite activities, so it is enough to consult a doctor about whether you can play sports during pregnancy and continue to enjoy your delicate situation.

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