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How many weeks does the fetus move? What is the danger of sluggish and active stirring?

Each future mother is always interested in the question: "In how many weeks does the fetus move?" In addition, many are worried, but is it not dangerous for the health of the future baby and his mother if he is too violent in the womb? This article will help you find answers to these and other questions concerning the development of the child in the womb.

The unborn baby leads a very active lifestyle, performing about 20,000 different movements every day. It revolves around its body, swings back and forth, stretches, moves handles, legs, fingers and eyes, rotates hands. The child is able to make crawling or swimming movements and very touchingly apply his tiny palm to the cheek. In addition, he sucks his thumb, swallows, hiccups, flinches. And the future mother at these moments feels the wiggling of the fetus. How many weeks a woman can hear signals from a future baby? It depends on the time the woman is going to give birth, and on the characteristics of her body.

How many weeks does the fetus move?

The organisms of all women are different, they react differently to different circumstances of life, have different sensitivities, and therefore it is possible to feel this important event in their life in different periods of pregnancy. With the help of ultrasound it was found that the human embryo begins to move from seven weeks, but, since he is still tiny and can not touch the walls of the uterus, the pregnant one will not notice his tremors. How many weeks does the fetus move, which the pregnant woman is able to notice? If a woman has the first birth, she can notice the perturbations at the twentieth week of pregnancy or later. A woman, pregnant the second or third time, can feel it earlier - in eighteen weeks, and some even in fourteen. This can be explained by the fact that the muscles of the uterus of the woman giving birth are more sensitive, and besides she already knows how to determine that the child has stirred. Full women or those who lead a very lively lifestyle may notice this phenomenon later when the child begins to stir more vigorously. Before, they just did not hear it.

The role of fetal movement in its development

The child's movements in the womb are very important for his growth and development. Moving, it develops. His motor system is improving, and touching his calf to the mother's body gives certain ideas about the world around him. Very in utero behavior of twins. They then hug, kiss, strok each other, then push and flop. Each child is unique, the activity of all future kids is different. Some are energetic and mobile, others are more calm and rarely disturb their mother with their jerks. But every pregnant woman should feel the stirring of her future baby at least several times a day. And if the usual character of the perturbation is broken, or the fruit does not move at all, the pregnant woman should consult a doctor. If she does not feel a stir, this does not mean that the fetus does not move. The doctor will conduct an ultrasound and listen to the heartbeat of a future child and then make conclusions.

26th week of pregnancy: fetal movement

This period is the beginning of the violent activity of the child. Excessive perturbation is the only way that a child can complain about his own troubles, most often on an oxygen starvation. How many weeks does the fetus begin to move, every future mother should know in order to consult a doctor in a timely manner and prevent trouble, in time to notice the pathology of pregnancy. If the baby is inactive, you can encourage him a little: drink a glass of milk or eat something sweet and lie down peacefully. A healthy child will definitely make itself felt. If the child is too active, then it is uncomfortable in his bed, most likely - not enough oxygen. In this case, the mother needs to change her posture, do not lie on her stomach and do not sit, throwing her leg over her leg. If the child is constantly restless, it is possible that the fetus is wound several times with the umbilical cord, and it can suffocate. In this case, you need to see a doctor.

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