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Anna Taratorkina: biography, career and personal life of the Russian actress

The heroine of our today's narrative will be the popular actress of theater and cinema from Russia Anna Taratorkina. She is famous for her roles in such films as "Save the husband", "Mom gets married", "07 changes course", "People's Land", "Happy End", and also in the series called "The Deadly Fight". We suggest you get to know the actress better by understanding the details of her career and personal life.

Biography of Anna Taratorkina

The future celebrity was born on October 8, 1982 in the capital of the then Soviet Union - Moscow. Her father is Georgiy Georgievich Taratorkin, People's Artist of the USSR, and after Russia, and his mother Ekaterina Markina is a writer and actress. Anna has an older brother named Philip. It should be noted that in the family of Taratorkins, the children were especially coveted, because for medical reasons the births for Ekaterina Markina were very dangerous and could have the most negative impact on her health and on the health of the children. However, in the case of both babies, the woman deliberately took risks to feel the joy of motherhood, which she never regretted.


Biography of Anna Taratorkina (referring to her childhood) was strikingly different from that of other offspring of famous actors. So, neither mother nor father ever took their daughter with them to the theater. In addition, with children, the Taratorkins never talked about their work. This is because parents did not want Anna and Philip from the early years to open the back of acting. They were afraid that in this case the children would not be able to feel the magic of the theater. So, when five-year-old Anya accidentally heard that they are looking for a little girl for a role in the production of "The Bee", she began to ask her father about the opportunity to go through the samples. However, Georgi Georgievich then responded with a categorical refusal.

The first acquaintance with the cinema

Despite the reluctance of parents to see their little daughter on stage, she still had a role to play. Thus, at the age of nine, Anna Taratorkina appeared on the big screens in the painting "The Descent of Hell." In this tape, the young actress played the role of the governor's daughter, who is threatened by competitors. Since school years, Anya showed good abilities to learn languages, her parents saw her as a philologist rather than an actress. However, according to Taratorkina herself, she felt that if she did not try to enter a theater high school, she would feel sorry for all her life that she had not even made an attempt. Therefore, after graduation, the girl applied to the Shchepkin School. The choice for this educational institution fell due to the fact that Anna did not want to intersect with her famous father, who at that time was a teacher at VGIK.

Theatrical career

During her studies at the university Anna realized that she was not mistaken with the chosen profession. She was happy to attend classes and put all the forces to learn the wisdom of such a difficult actor's skill. She graduated from the Schepkin School in 2004. Her thesis works included roles in such performances as "Three Sisters" (character Olga), "Nameless Star" (the character of Mona), "Storm" (the character of a half-crazy lady) and "Servant of two masters" (Beatrice character). After the release of Anna Taratorkina was invited to the troupe of the Academic Youth Theater of Russia. Here she appeared on stage in such productions as "Yin and Yan" directed by A. Borodin (Inga), "Tom Sawyer" directed by D. Cranny (Agnes), "Canterville cast" by A. Nazarov (Virginia), "Cinderella" About Zagumennova (Anna), "The Coast of Utopia" and others. In addition, a young talented actress collaborated with the theater. The Moscow City Council (the play "King Lear" by P. Chomsky - the role of Cordelia), the Theater Center "On Strastnom" (the play "Mumi Troll and Comet" by K. Bogomolov - the role of Freken Snork), and "Anteprizoy" (staging "The most expensive - free of charge "Director Yu. Eremin - the role of Kazuko," American roller coaster "A. Nazarov - the role of Juliette).

Film career

Successful work in the theater showed that Anna Taratorkina is an actress talented, diverse and promising. Therefore, it is not surprising that she began to offer work in the cinema. True, her first roles were of a second nature. We are talking about such works as the TV series "Airport" and "Trust", which appeared on TV screens in 2005 and 2007 respectively, as well as in the films of 2006 "Who comes on a winter evening" and "Infidelity". The actress performed her first major role in cinema at the age of 25. It was a picture of 2007 under the name "07 changes course" directed by Vladimir Potapov. The plot was based on the story "The Ballerina Hunt" by writer Yevgeny Mesyatsev. The film tells of a war between the Russian military and ruthless terrorists. Anna also got the role of a brave test pilot.

Continuation of a career in cinema

In 2009, the actress again appeared on the big screens, thanks to the performance of one of the central roles in the frivolous comedy "Happy End" directed by Yaroslav Chevazhevsky. A year later, Anna Taratorkina played the main character in the series called "The Deadly Scramble". In the same year, the actress shone in the film "The Land of Men" by Sergei Govorukhin. Then followed her participation in such films as "Save the Husband" (2011) and "Mom gets Married" (2012).

Anna Taratorkina: personal life

With her future spouse Alexander Ratnikov (Skotnikov in the past), the heroine of our story met on the set. Anna Taratorkina's husband is also an actor. After the acquaintance, they quickly began to live together. After some time they got married. And Anna and Alexander are not enthusiastic about lush and pathos events, so their wedding was very modest, you might say, home. Spouses raise their son Nikita.

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