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How to properly swing in the gym for weight gain and for weight loss

Most beginners, not knowing how to train properly in the gym, admit one and the same typical mistake: Striving for a quick result, they engage in a lot and often. Basically, this leads to fatigue, clogged muscles and weight loss.

Preparation for classes

First of all, decide on the gym and trainer. Consult with him on how to eat right and how to swing right in the gym. If the coach gives you enough time and explains everything is available and extremely clear, you can "settle" here. In advance, take care of the form for training: clothes should be moderately free, ventilated, preferably their cotton.

Work plan

If you are a beginner and have seen simulators only in the showcase of a sports store or in advertising, your way to success lies through the coach. Here, the following error is often admitted: many people think that they will manage with the advice of friends or they can simply repeat the exercises for others. In most cases, this does not work. Only the coach can explain all the subtleties of this sport: how to correctly swing in the gym, how to perform exercises, how much to rest between approaches. Moreover, most practice individual training, on which you will work out all muscle groups and achieve your goals.

How to work properly in the gym

To exercise in the gym gave results and brought pleasure, it should not unnecessarily tire you. It is clear that just sitting on a bench is also not the case. The training itself is divided into three parts:

  • Warm-up;
  • Strength exercises;
  • Cardioion.

Warm-up usually consists of jumping rope or jogging on the track, it is also important to walk on the orbit. In addition, you need to work out the muscles of the press well, since the main load during training is at the waist. The average duration of the workout is 10-15 minutes. Strength exercises - this is the main part of training. Make a program and explain how to properly swing in the gym should the coach, also in his duties includes a temporary consultation on the correctness of the exercises. Basically, the training groups of muscles alternate, for example, on Monday the main emphasis is on the legs, on Wednesday on the chest, on Friday on the back. The average duration of strength training is 50-60 minutes. Correct completion of the training is cardio-loading. It is during this period that the greatest number of calories are burnt. A good example of performing cardio exercises is intense running on the track. The duration of this stage is 15-20 minutes. Thus, the average workout should take about one and a half hours.

Weight Selection

To understand how to properly swing in the gym, you must clearly set goals. If the desired result is an increase in muscle mass, then it is necessary to work with a large weight with an average number of approaches (10-12 times). If you came to lose weight or give the body a relief, the weight of the projectile should be small, and the implementation of approaches brought to maximum (30-40 times).


And, of course, do not forget about the rest. For the growth of muscle mass, it is simply necessary. Therefore, do not go to the gym every day and exhaust yourself with workouts: the best option for a beginner is three times a week.

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