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Become healthy and slim will help you jumping rope

If you decide to take care of yourself, lose weight, strengthen your health, then it's time to go in for sports. With the help of physical exercises, you can achieve and consolidate the desired result. And it's not necessary to go to a fitness club, you can simply perform jumping rope for ten to twenty minutes a day. This is quite an energy-consuming occupation that will allow you to burn excess calories effectively. Skipping rope is your home simulator, which will quickly help you get rid of excess weight.

In the modern world jumping rope is called skipping. Even as a child, this occupation gave everyone a lot of pleasure, and now, as adults, we understand that the rope also has undoubted benefits. The faster you jump, the more energy is expended, which means that weight loss is more intense. Thanks to such jumps, the ligaments and muscles of the musculoskeletal system are strengthened. In addition, your lungs will always be in good shape, jumping rope perfectly develop coordination of movements. But it is very important to perform them at regular intervals, jump every day for at least five minutes. Very soon you will notice that your figure is shapely, you will gain confidence in yourself and get rid of extra pounds.

Let's find out how to choose the right rope. The most important here is the correct selection of its length. Take it, fold it twice and stretch out your arms. Keep the pens together. Your skipping rope should lightly touch the floor, but do not lie on the floor. Now you can easily pick up a suitable shell for you.

How correctly to perform jumping rope? The back during the exercises should always be straight, the elbows are pressed against the body. Begin the rotational movement of the hands, at this time make spring jumps. Perhaps in the beginning you will find it difficult to do this, but very soon you will get involved, and jumping rope will give you pleasure. There are simple or double jumps, as well as with a twisted skipping rope or with crossed arms. You can jump on one leg or make jumps with moving.

There are some contraindications for such activities. One of them is problems with joints and tendons. In addition, do not forget that jumping rope, you increase your blood pressure. Therefore, hypertension such activities are not recommended. If you have any cardiovascular disease, be sure to consult a doctor, can you do such exercises.

Very effective help to fight overweight jumping rope, reviews about them are the most positive. In addition, this way you can get rid of cellulite, increase muscle tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and back. Start jumping slowly, do not immediately overexert. After doing the exercises, drink a herbal decoction or fresh green tea. You will feel a surge of strength and energy. Now you will be cheerful all day long.

And now let's master the basic jumping rope. To do this, you must hold the rope at the level of the hips or waist, while your palms should be directed to the body. Each jump should begin with a bend in the knees, while jumping should be with the help of foot pads. We keep the back straight, we strain the muscles of the press. You do not need to jump high, just do it two or four centimeters up.

Now you can do alternate jumps. Here are the same rules as for the base ones, only you stand on one leg, and jumping, you replace it. Jump alternately, then on one, then on the other leg, so you develop coordination.

You can do combined jumps. To do this, first jump on two legs, then on the left, after - on the right, then again on the two and so on.

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