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Dog breed from the advertising "Pedigri" with the boy. Description

What is the name of the Dog breed from the advertising of Pedigree? In this article we will find the answer to an exciting question. We will also consider this breed in detail, describe the appearance, the character.

The main character of the video

What breed of dog from advertising "Pedigri"? This type of dog is called welsh-corgi. Representatives of the breed are very nice. Probably, that's why puppy of this species decided to use in advertising of dog food. In the video, it was shown how a touching little dog saves his owner from peer-bullies.

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We found out that the dog breed from the advertising "Pedigri" is called welsh corgi. Ancient Islamic dogs were the ancestors of these dogs. Although there are other variants of dog breed appearance from Pedigree advertising.

For example, according to another version, it was believed that representatives of this species were used to protect against intruders.

A wide breed of dog from advertising "Pedigri" with the boy was in England. There used to be used in cattle breeding.

In the twentieth century, representatives of the breed lived with members of the royal families. This fact became the impetus to the popularity of this type of dog.


There are two kinds of breed - cardigan and pembroke. Both types look like a chanterelle.

The size of the species is small, short-legged.

The cardigan is larger than the pembroke, the tail is also longer. Pembrokes are bony-tailed.

The ears of a cardigan are larger than that of a pembroke.

The wool of the representatives of the breed is stiff and short. The color can be different. You can find red, black and tiger welsh corgi. Also there is a marble and tri-color color.

The height at the withers is about thirty centimeters. Weight on average is thirteen kilograms.

The nature of representatives

Dog breed from advertising "Pedigri" with the boy is ideal for families with children. Such dogs are very intelligent, extremely smart. They are also very funny. No children will get bored with them. Apparently, it was also for this reason that this type of dog was chosen for the clip.

Bravery is another distinguishing feature of the breed.

Note that there are differences between pembrokes and cardigans in character. The first are more curious and active. Cardigans are quite serious in nature, they are concentrated, they are apprehensive about outsiders.

Representatives of this breed are very cheerful. You can say that these dogs have a lot of energy.

Such dogs are very devoted to the owner. Dogs love children. With great pleasure play with them. Aggression is not shown.

To the dog grew up well-bred, obedient, it must be constantly trained. In the process of training it is necessary to show perseverance. Anger can not be used in training.

Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed are small in size, they are strong and very hardy.

By nature, they are sociable and responsive. Society of people they like.

These dogs are well developed qualities of the shepherd. They will even try to patronize other pets in the apartment, for example, a dog can protect a guinea pig from a cat, if it attacks it.

Corgi are very "talkative" dogs. Their range of sounds is wide enough. Corgi can growl, bark, wiggle, bark, specifically "pohryukivat."

Welsh Corgi - a dog breed from the advertising "Pedigri" with a boy. Application of representatives

Currently, such dogs are usually companions for their owners. Shepherd's or security service, as a rule, do not carry.

Corgi take part in various sports competitions, agility championships and many kilometers of jogging. Do not underestimate these dogs. Despite the small size and short paws, the corgi are beautiful runners, which, by the way, do not get tired in the process.

Such dogs are sometimes used on farms - there they graze livestock.

Since the dog breed from the advertising "Pedigri" with the boy is not aggressive, the representatives of it can master any specialty where one does not need to show teeth. For example, they will make excellent search dogs, rescuers. Also, such dogs can be seen in various rehabilitation centers.

Maintenance and care

Representatives of this breed perfectly adapt to any conditions, but it is best for them, of course, to live in an apartment.

Since dogs have a thick short coat with a developed undercoat, they should be periodically combed. It will be enough two or three times a week.

During moulting, namely in autumn and spring, dogs of this breed require additional care for the hair. To do this, you can use a device such as a laminator (this is a special comb).

It is necessary to wash such a dog as it gets dirty.


To the paddock it is necessary to accustom from the first days of life to a pet in your home. At first, walks will be frequent, but then in time their number can be significantly reduced (for example, to two or three). It is desirable to give the dog the opportunity to run without a leash. Only do this in a safe place for animals.


Representatives of the breed are very fond of eating. But it is not necessary to overfeed, as such dogs have obesity. Among the breed, this disease is often found. The best way to feed such dogs is to use ready-made dry premium foods.

A small conclusion

Now you know the name of the dog breed from the advertising "Pedigree". As you can see, representatives of this species are not only good at themselves, but also have a mass of positive qualities.

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