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American comedies of the 90s: a list of the best

Modern cinema offers many worthy examples of the best comedies that have gained spectator love. But no matter how bright new films turn out, the story will always remember the old paintings that were popular decades ago. They made the generation of our parents laugh, so why not revise them today? Do you remember the American comedies of the 90s? The list of the best of the best is discussed in this article.

Kind family films

Perhaps, it is worth starting with this category. "One at home" became a familiar Christmas story in which 7-year-old Kevin, left at home without parents, copes with the robbers who overtook him, and in the end again meets his big noisy family. Forcing nostalgia for childhood, an incredibly touching and funny story, like its sequel, has remained in the memory of many of us.

"Nyanki" in 1994 deservedly fall into the American comedy of the 80-90s. Many believe that this is an exclusively teenage (and mostly children's) movie, but they are mistaken. As the statistics show, this film remains among the loved ones and in the adult audience. The story of the twins Bradley and Stephen and the bodyguards of David and Peter hired by them, by coincidence turned out to be also twins, is filled with a lot of comical situations that make a laugh from the soul of a spectator of any age.

What happens if the baby is alone? Baby Bink was lost among the bustle of city streets and immediately turned into an object of increased attention. Concerned parents offer a substantial amount to those who return it home. This is decided by fraudsters. But the cunning little boy is not as simple as it seems. He will arrange for them such a headache that they themselves will refuse money!

"Beethoven" - four-legged friend deserves a separate film

How many tears have been spilled from viewing this picture? Truly the dramatic story of St. Bernard Beethoven could not pass by many families who watched the screen development of the plot. Turning out of a puppy into a huge dog, bringing a lot of trouble Newtons, the dog becomes a potential object for medical research. But the Newtons are not going to give their pet to the prudent veterinarian!

This family film fell into the best American comedies of the 90's. List of this direction can be continued with several continuations of the story about Beethoven. The most successful of them - the second part - was released in 1993 and includes the former cast.

The best adventure for the whole family

How hard it is to be a genius professor! Especially when you say a new word in science, and the first samples for experiments are children. Wayne Zalinski developed a special machine that can reduce the size of objects and things. By chance, the children who have come into the family fall under its influence and are reduced in size. Now they have to get out of the garbage can, where they were sent by an unsuspecting engineer, and somehow get back to normal. But before - to fight with domestic cockroaches!

With a budget of 18 million, the film "Dear, I Reduce Children" brought the creators of the cashier more than $ 200 million. This picture, filled with sparkling humor, is deservedly included in the American comedies of the 80-90s. The list can be continued sequel 1992. His plot is directly opposite to his predecessor, and therefore the name turned out appropriate - "Honey, I increased the child." This time a newborn son, Adam, becomes a victim of Papa's experiences, turning into a giant in front of his eyes. Can Las Vegas accept such an unusual resident?

It is worth remembering another comedy related to scientific inventions, which for some reason acquire a different character than the one for which they were designed. Paul and Diana are immersed in the work of the researchers. They have recently created an elixir of love that helps the two opposites converge. And if experiments on animals have had success, then how do things stand with people? Having chosen themselves as victims, a young couple, having taken a drug, goes on a long amorous journey. "Love Potion No. 9" takes its place in the category "Best comedies of the 90s (American)".

Festive Traditions

This story can be called Christmas. Since only in this magical time the head of Grisvolodov's family intends to observe all accepted principles about how to celebrate a holiday. To do this, collect all the friendly family together, cover a large table, and on the street to install a live Christmas tree with thousands of lamps. Let the whole street have fun! The main thing is to avoid accidents in the form of a fire or an exploding turkey. "Christmas Holidays" of 1989 became, of course, a striking example of family comedies.

The War of Generations

Who said that children worse than adults know what they need? To refute it will try the comedy of 1989. Little Miki, who has not yet been born, sits at the mother's abdomen and watches everything with her own eyes. Of course, incidentally commenting.

The second part of the picture tells about Mika's sister who turns out to be a mischievous hooligan. Unfortunately, parents do not see this, and the main character has to look for ways to confirm his case. The third part of the franchise replenishes the Ubriaco family with two charming dogs, who, like little heroes, discuss everything that is happening in the house ...

The best comedies of the 90s (American) include the picture "Oh who would say." The main roles of all parts consistently performed John Travolta and Kersti Alley, and Bruce Willis gave the voice to the youngest character.

Ruthless games of adults

What will the children do when they learn about the sooner divorce of their parents? They will act very unusual, like the characters in the picture "Home Arrest", who sent the mother and father to the basement of the house. While they do not solve their problems, they will remain in a closed space. And if the whole school learns about this experiment, the parents of the other families will have the same fate ...

Nature's mistake

Julius and Vincent could become ordinary twins, but the genetic experiment leads to an unexpected turn. Once separated in childhood, they meet after years, but this event is somewhat overshadowed: in front of them they see an educated giant with a kind heart and a small short man with a constant desire to enrich himself. Julius and Vincent hardly believe that they are twins. Find out the truth to the heroes of the comedy will help travel to the mother, who is obliged to tell the truth.

"Twins" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito starring in the American comedies of the 90's. The list can be continued by another comedy, which has a criminal connotation. The narrative is built around an African American named Ashtray, who moved to Los Angeles. He meets his family: his father looks very young, which can not be abrupt, the elderly grandmother swears at the floor and smokes kosyachki, and the cousin is a local gangster. The hero of the film "Do not be afraid of the South Central, sipping juice in your neighborhood" is to make a choice as to stay in life: a good black or dangerous black.

Heroes need to know in person

The list of paintings of the past decades is wide enough. As the most common genre, a special place is occupied by American comedies of the 80-90's. The list of performers of the main roles, most often found in the paintings of this direction, will allow you to decide on the choice of the best films. So, the top five best comedians of the 80-90's look like this:

  • Jim carrey.
  • Danny De Vito.
  • Adam Sandler.
  • Sean and Marlon Wyans.
  • Leslie Nielsen.

By the way, Jim Carrey stands out in this list. His career began with the release of a sensational picture of a man with a rubber face, "Mask" and continued a series of subsequent films, invariably becoming successful comedies of the first half of the 90's. Among them are "Ace Ventura", "Cableman", "Liar, liar", "Dumb and stupid".

Best of the best: American comedies of the 90s

The list of the remaining, most vivid and remaining in the memory of the audience of films not included in the review, can be represented as follows:

  • "Beautiful life" (1990).
  • "Sister, act" (1992).
  • "Housewife" (1992).
  • "Focus-Hocus" (1993).
  • "I love trouble" (1994).
  • "The Naked Pistol 33 1/3" (1994).
  • "Junior" (1994).
  • "Major Payne" (1995).
  • "Club of first wives" (1996).
  • "Meet Wally Sparks" (1996).

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