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Alcoholic Mojito: a recipe for a classic Cuban cocktail

Many of those who drink alcohol, prefer to mix it in cocktails, rather than take it in its purest form. This improves the taste of the original drink and reduces its strength. Agree, vodka, mixed even with a simple "Coca-Cola", is much more pleasant and easier to drink than in its pure form. This is especially true for women who can not drink beverages with a high alcohol content. The alcoholic "Mojito", the recipe of which you will find in our article, is distinguished by the excellent fresh taste of peppermint, is sweet enough due to the addition of sugar syrup, and the real Cuban rum, for example "Baccardi", gives it a pleasant fortress. This cocktail is one of the favorites of beach bars and summer parties, so you will not regret if you try at home to prepare an alcoholic "Mojito".

Cocktail recipe: the main thing is to mix the ingredients correctly

This drink, created in Cuba in Havana, was one of Ernest Hemingway 's favorite . By the way, the café "Bodegwita del Medio" - exactly the place where the "Mojito" was mixed for the first time - is still working. If you are planning a trip to the capital of cigars and rum, you can safely put this little restaurant in a guide to memorable places. And for those who just want to prepare a classic alcoholic "Mojito", the recipe is given with all the details. Take one serving:

  • 50 ml of light Cuban rum such as "Baccardi";
  • Fresh lime;
  • 7-8 leaves of mint;
  • A teaspoon of sugar;
  • Soda water (svepes, sprite or other, but white).

First, dissolve sugar in lime juice and pour into a tall glass. Mint remember with your hands or a little rastolkite in a mortar, add to lime. Pour the pounded ice to half the glass, pour in the rum and fill it with soda water or "Sprite". By the way, if you add the last to the cocktail, then you need to put less sugar, because the soda is already pretty sweet. Of course, this mix has other options for cooking. About how to mix berry alcoholic "Mojito", the recipe of which is only slightly changed in comparison with the classic, read further in our article. He will especially like the ladies and will be an excellent refreshing drink at a summer party on a hot day. For him, you can take any berries (strawberries, raspberries, cherries), a little fantasy and add something that you especially like.

The cocktail "Mojito alcoholic". Recipe with berries or fruit

To mix this beautiful and delicious drink, you will need:

  • A few branches of mint (enough to take 2-3);
  • 1 medium lime;
  • A teaspoon of brown cane sugar;
  • 3-4 strawberry berries;
  • 50 ml of rum (light);
  • 20 ml strawberry syrup or liquor;
  • Soda water.

First cut the lime into several lobules and squeeze out the juice with the hands that need to fill the sugar cane. After wash and clean the strawberries, divide each berry into several pieces and place in a tall glass. In the same container you need to pour and juice of lime with sugar. Before you put mint, remember it with your hands or pestle - so it will allocate oils and give the necessary flavor to the drink. Almost ready - left to add rum, chopped ice (up to half or a third of a glass) and top up with soda water. It was a fresh and delicious cocktail. Is not that an easy recipe? "Mojito alcoholic" can be made not only with strawberries, but also raspberries (add 10 berries), cherries (one third of a glass without pits), cherries or puree of unsweetened fruits. Be creative and using one basic recipe, at each party you can serve different cocktails.

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