Office furniture, what is it?

There is an opinion that the holding of corporate events brings the collective closer together and increases its capacity for work. Yes, it is, but only parties are clearly not enough.

If during the working day the personnel of the company will sit on uncomfortable chairs and work at tables that have a strange design, labor productivity will by no means increase. Therefore, comfortable office furniture plays a much more important role than gay corporate parties. In addition, the office is a "visiting card" of the company, an indicator of success and status, it is necessary to approach its situation very responsibly.

The choice in the furniture salons is great, and it can not but rejoice. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice, because the range is too diverse, so determine the requirements for office furniture, and only then make an order.

The situation should correspond to the company's image and sphere of activity, therefore, furniture for solid banks is absolutely not suitable for installation in design offices or editorial offices of youth newspapers. The design studio should not be furnished in the same way as the office of a financial institution and so on.

Furniture should correspond to the layout of premises, if it is non-standard, it is not necessary to furnish it with classic tables and cabinets from the array, it is more reasonable to choose sets that have unusual designs and original geometric shapes.

In addition, that furniture for staff should have an attractive appearance, match the image of the company and the interior of the office, it should be ergonomic, because employees spend at least eight hours a day in office premises.

Quality and reliability are two more criteria that should be taken into account. Tables and chairs will be intensively used, constantly experiencing increased loads. That is, the fittings and materials used for their production must be strong. It can be acrylic or MDF, a wooden fileboard or chipboard, metal or very durable plastic.

Psychologists say that in offices it is better to use furniture that does not have numerous sharp angles and straight lines, but only streamlined shapes and curved corners.

Employees will be more comfortable working if they have everything "at their fingertips," that is, tables should have many drawers and coats, chairs are more logical to buy on wheels.

To make the office more presentable, try not to break the single concept in the interior, buy the furnishings in sets, and not in parts.

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