Insurance of Dangerous Objects

Russian insurance market, despite the protracted financial crisis, continues to develop. Many experts agree that the main incentive for the development of insurance in Russia is the introduction of new types of insurance. Since January 1, 2012 in Russia, another type of insurance has emerged - insurance policies for the liability of owners of hazardous production facilities. Major accidents in 2008-2010, related to heavy material and human losses, forced the Russian government to adopt a new law that obliged owners of hazardous production facilities to insure their liability to third parties in the event of an accident at their facilities and facilities.

It must be admitted that many owners took the introduction of the law negatively. Of course, the new type of insurance made them bear additional financial burden. But fines for the lack of the necessary policy, too, were introduced considerable: a legal entity will pay from 300 thousand to 500 thousand rubles, and the responsible manager - from 15 thousand to 20 thousand rubles.

The owner can insure his liability in any insurance company that is a member of the National Union of Liability Insurers (NCCO) and has a license for this type of insurance. The cost of a policy depends on many parameters. First of all - from the type of dangerous object. For example, the cost of the policy for the elevator will differ from the cost of the policy for the boiler or gas consumption system of the enterprise. Secondly, it is necessary to know the declared object or not.

How to learn the declared object or not?

When the owner of a hazardous object intends to purchase the OSDPO policy, he must provide the following documents: a card of account, a certificate of registration of a hazardous object (GCO), documents certifying the ownership of the object, a filled form of KUB (safety factor). Information about whether the object is declared is also needed. Is there a special declaration for this object or not ?. If there is any doubt about the correctness of the documents or there is no information, each owner has the opportunity to apply for clarification to the supervisory authority - Rostekhnadzor.

What should I do if an insured event occurs?

First of all, the insurance of hazardous objects is aimed at protecting the victims. In the event of an accident, it is necessary for victims to find out which insurance company has insured a dangerous object. And literally, immediately you need to contact the insurance company and find out what documents to provide. In this case, you can not delay the filing of documents, as payments will be made in the order of filing applications. Unfortunately, it may happen that someone will not be compensated for damage. As each object is insured for a certain insurance sum, for example 10 million rubles. After the insurance company pays 10 million rubles, the remaining victims will be denied, they will already need to contact the owner of the property directly and, if necessary, resolve the matter through the court. For each insured event, the insurance company is liable only within the insured amount.

For more detailed information and calculating the cost of the insurance policy, the owner of a hazardous object should contact the insurance company. When choosing an insurer, it is necessary to check the availability of a license for this type of insurance. This information can be found on the website of the National Union of Liability Insurers.

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