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How to earn gold in World of Tanks? Simple ways

Many people today are thinking about how to earn gold in the World of Tanks. Someone just wants to get an additional currency, someone simply does not fundamentally invest real money in games, but at the same time it is in great need of this currency. After all, gold opens up a lot of possibilities for the player, starting from pleasant bonuses of the premium account and ending with a variety of ammunition.

It should be noted right away that there are a lot of options for how to earn gold in the World of Tanks, however, everyone chooses which one he likes best.


The simplest option is, of course, playing on the Global map. This option allows you not to break away from the game process and have fun, but at the same time of all the ways to earn gold in the World of Tanks, this is the least profitable. First of all, you need to join some strong clan, which is an active and successful game on the Global map. After that, you will participate in various battles, but the profit here is insignificant, as the battles themselves have to be constantly spent.


This option is almost identical with the previous one, but besides the experience of the game, you also need a considerable amount of free time. In this case, you will act as a driver, that is, will be for real money or playing gold to pump accounts or individual tanks to other people. It should be noted right away that a large number of difficulties are also capable of this. And first of all it concerns trust, because many are simply afraid to give you a password from their own account. That's why you will need to find a certain group that is professionally engaged in this field and will be able to provide you with a job, but in this case your favorite game will eventually turn into a profitable hobby. That's why this option is suitable only for those who are looking for how to earn gold in the World of Tanks, and at the same time ready to spend a lot of time to achieve their goal.

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To many it may seem a little strange, but many WoT clans try to compete not only on the battlefield, but also on the Internet, that is, they try to promote their site in the search engines, making it more informative and interesting for robots and people. Such clans offer to make money in the World of Tanks (gold will be opposed here as payment for real currency) by writing news on your own website. If you regularly fill the clan's site with fresh news, you will be paid, but the problem here is that getting such a place is far from easy as it seems at first glance.

In addition, you can open your own channel "VKontakte" or on YouTube and earn on creating interesting videos, but if you really know how and know how to do them.


The most unreliable and unstable, but at the same time quite an optimal variant of how to earn gold in WoT. World of Tanks constantly offers players all sorts of contests or promotions, and there are often a lot of prize places, and there is a high probability that you will be able to earn at least something. Instability of such earnings lies in the fact that the timing of the shares is chosen directly by the developers themselves, and one can never foresee when and how many competitions they want to publish.

Thus, to earn gold in World of Tanks today can absolutely everything, it's enough just to choose the option you like and start doing it. Many simply do not know how to do this, considering for themselves the only option - just to pay real money to buy game currency for their needs.

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