Fungicide "Previcur Energy": reviews and instructions

To protect against fungal and bacterial diseases of cultivated plants, special protective agents have been created-fungicides. Timely processing of seeds during sowing, seedling and adult plants will save them from death and get a high yield.

Among a wide variety of fungicides, the "Previcur Energy" facility takes a special place. Comments of amateur gardeners and agrarians attest to its high efficiency and safety.


The drug is produced by the German company Bayer Garden. The agent is considered an innovative two-component fungicide, which has a protective and pronounced growth-stimulating effect. When treating plants from infection, they simultaneously increase their growth and development due to the preparation "Previcur Energy". The application is associated with the function of the active substances, which are the hydrochloride of propamocarb and aluminum phosphate.

The first component of the systemic action belongs to the class of carbamates. The second substance has an absolute systemic effect and belongs to organophosphate fungicides. The drug is considered to be an improved form of the last generation of the known product "Previcur", in which only the hydrochloride of propomocarb is present.

Form of issue

A fungicide is made in the form of a water-soluble concentrate (VC) in the form of a suspension. In 1 liter contains 530 grams of propomocarb hydrochloride and 310 grams of aluminum fosetyl, and the concentration of the active component - propamocarb phosphate - is 840 g per 1 liter. Sold in bottles of 1000 ml or 10 ml of concentrate.

Features of the drug

Fungicide "Previcur Energy" refers to innovative technologies that use the optimal combination of two active components of propamocarb hydrochloride and aluminum fosel. The new combination is based on the combination of chemicals of various nature by hydrophilic bonds, which can improve the fungicidal properties aimed at suppressing diseases.

The drug is considered to be a concentrated solution, the only liquid form of fosfels. It is produced in the form of a transparent liquid, the hydrogen index of which has a neutral value.

In addition to protective properties, Previkur Energy prepares positive feedback on the stimulation of the growth of the root system and above-ground shoots of the plant. He makes them stronger and healthier.

To suppress a large number of fungal diseases of different types, the action of the preparation "Previcur" is directed. The application leaves a lasting effect. This reduces the number of treatments.

Both active components of the agent are osteomycetes, their spectrum of action practically coincides, they differ only in the mechanism of influencing the infection.

The drug is universal, diluted solution in a certain concentration can be sprayed, just watered or watered the drip plants.

How the fungicide works

The mechanism of action of the agent is based on the properties of its active components. On the fungicide "Previcur Energy" instructions for use describes the effect of each active substance.

Properties of propamocarb are associated with the interruption of the formation of the cell membrane of fungi and suppression of mycelial growth, the formation and germination of spore-bearing cells. This substance has a high activity against fungal diseases during soil spillage or spraying. Another important property is associated with the stimulation of growth in the early stages of development of crops.

Fosetil does not allow spores to germinate and penetrate pathogenic organisms into plants after preventive treatment. Therapeutic spraying leads to a blocking of the development of the mycelium and the formation of spores. The uniqueness of the substance lies in the way it moves through the plant and its mechanism of action.

Immediately penetrating the plants, the phosphate spreads acropetically (from below upwards) and basipetal (from top to bottom) way, reaching the desired organ, whether it be young shoots or roots. The time of full saturation of the seedlings with the active component does not exceed 60 minutes. The effect of foset is aimed at enhancing the protective reactions of the plant, which characterizes SPM (Systemic Acquired Stability).

What microorganisms are affected

For the preparation "Previkur", the instructions for use contain information on effective use against pathogenic organisms that cause root and radical rot, mealy false dew or peronosporosis, late blight. First of all, they include the pathogenic fungi Pithium and Phytophthora.

The drug "Previcur Energy" application finds in the defeat of vegetative aboveground organs such fungi as Bremia latutia and Peronospora.

The efficacy of the agent against fusarium fungi and bacterial cells from the genus Pseudomonas has been confirmed.

Duration of action

Up to 14 days the protection of the preparation "Previcur Energy" works. Instruction for use recommends the duration of the binding to the degree of infection of plants and weather-climatic conditions, which can weaken the fungicidal properties of the preparation.

The emergence of stability

Very low probability of habituation of the treated plants to the "Previcur Energy" facility. The use of the fungicide is based on the mechanism of action of its active components in the concentrate that is associated with the inhibition of metabolic reactions in mushroom cells of different levels, the different constituents of the preparation do not affect the same metabolic processes. That is why resistance can develop in rare cases.

To eliminate the risk of addiction, the treatment is carried out with preparations containing various chemical substances in the composition.

Why use

Fungicide "Previkur" instructions for use advise to use to prepare the soil before planting plants, for prevention and treatment of seedlings in greenhouses. These measures allow you to get the maximum effect from the drug for growing healthy crops.

About the protective device "Previcur Energy" reviews indicate that it has a specific activity against most fungi that can damage seeds, shoots, stems, leaves and fruits of indoor and outdoor plants.

The first treatment with the drug is used to spill the soil after sowing seeds. The next application of a decontamination solution is carried out for sprouting seedlings in order to obtain strong, healthy plants and prepare for a stressful condition during transplantation to a permanent place.

Treatment of transplanted seedlings with the fungicide "Previcur Energy" begins after restoration of homeostasis in plants, which occurs in a week. The implementation of measures is connected with the tapping of the diluted concentrate of the root system every two weeks.

It is allowed to use a means for spraying the vegetative organs of plants, on which there are fungal lesions.

Application Features

Fungicide "Previkur" is introduced into the moist substrate so that its active substance easily penetrates to the root system of the plant. The preparation has unique stimulating possibilities, after processing the seedlings are characterized by increased growth and development.

About the tool "Previkur" reviews are mostly positive. Users indicate the best protection during preventive treatment, which prevents the development of the disease and stimulates the plant. When diluting the concentrate in water, it practically completely dissolves after thorough mixing. For every 6 or 7 liters of liquid, 10 ml of the suspension is consumed, which corresponds to one bottle.

It is best to conduct the treatment in January, February, March, April, May, June, then take a break, after which to begin in November and December.

Rules for processing individual crops

We consider further the tool "Previcur Energy". The instruction includes a description of such characteristics of use as the list of preparations, the rate of consumption of the concentrate, the type of disease and the number of treatments for maximum effect.

Below is a table describing the processing of a particular plant species.

Processed culture Rationing of concentrate Type of disease Maximum number of treatments
For cucumbers in open and closed ground It is enough for 25 ml of the drug per 1 weave. Fights with false powdery mildew. 2
For melons It is enough for 25 ml of the drug per 1 weave. Fights with false powdery mildew. 2
For seedlings of cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, tomato, pepper in the open and closed ground

The treatment is carried out in several stages:

After seeding, 3 ml of concentrate per 2 liters of water for 1 m 2 are used ;

At repeated disinfection after 10 days 3 ml of concentrate are used per 2 liters of water for 1 m 2 , for pepper seedling 6 ml of concentrate per 2 liters of water for 1 m 2.
Struggles with root rot. 2
For a watermelon, tomato, eggplant plantation, for a field with pepper in the open and closed ground The treatment is carried out using a drip irrigation system, use 30 ml of concentrate per 1 weave. Struggles with root rot. 2
For cucumbers The treatment is carried out with 10 ml of concentrate diluted in 5 liters of water, which corresponds to a 0.2% solution. It fights with downy mildew in the growing season. 2
For pottery, flower and ornamental crops

For root processing use a solution of 15 or 20 ml of concentrate diluted in 10 liters of water.

For foliar spraying, use a solution of 20 or 25 ml of concentrate diluted in 10 liters of water.

It struggles with root rot, sporoporosis and phytospore. 2-3


About the preparation "Previcur Energy" reviews confirm that its solution is able to corrode metal products, except for stainless steel. Therefore, it is recommended that all the inventory in use be washed with water at the end of the work.

We will have to wait for the harvest after processing the seedlings with the fungicide "Previkur". Comments of gardeners are reduced to the opinion that the most safe period after which you can pick fruit is 20 days.

During numerous tests of treatment with fungicide at the recommended dose rate, there were no cases of its phytotoxic effect on the treated cultures.

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