Kislitsa room - features of cultivation

Room acid is a very beautiful indoor flower, also acid is widespread in nature, growing in moist, shady places. Due to the fact that the plant has a leaf of the original form, which personifies the Holy Trinity, in Ireland it is located on the arms of the country.

Kislitsa room has sourish leaves, so the popular name for this plant is hare cabbage. The leaves of this plant are very rich in vitamin C, carotene and oxalic acid, and are also suitable for eating. Kislitsa is abundant in the tropical and subtropical zones of all continents, its thickets can be found in Africa, Europe, South America, also found in the spruce forests of Russia.

Kislitsa room is a member of the family of acidic, which has more than 800 different species. Such species as almonds Deppe, Marcius, Ortigus are grown in room conditions.

This plant is herbaceous and there are both annual and perennial species. The leaves have the form of triple hearts and a variety of colors from the usual green to reddish-brown hue. Blossoms acidic cherry, from April to October, flowers in the form of five-petalled stars and also can be a variety of colors.

One of the interesting features of this plant is that its leaves, with the slightest danger or bad weather, fold and fall down. After you touch this plant, it will fold its leaves after a while.

Also, the plant is adapted to spread its seeds. When touching a ripe fruit, it immediately opens and there is an ejection of seeds, which can fly to a distance of up to 2 meters.

Room Oxide - care

This plant is unpretentious in growing and, with proper care, grows very quickly. In order for it to feel comfortable, it should be placed in places where there is a lot of light, but it is not bright, but diffused. The most acidic feels on the windowsills on the east side of the building. When the plant is in a constant shadow, it begins to stretch, and the leaves become shallow, but after placing it in a comfortable environment, the plant quickly revives and continues to develop. In the summer time, the muslin feels well in the fresh air, the main thing is that there are no drafts and no direct rays of the sun fall on it. In the cold season it is also necessary to give her enough light.

If in the spring-autumn period the most favorable temperature for acid is 20-25 ˚С, then in winter the most optimal temperature is from 12 to 18 degrees. Some types of kislits for winter period in general die off the ground part, so they are placed in a cooler room, but the presence of lighting is mandatory.

During active growth, indoor flowers (acid sap) require abundant watering, it is also necessary to periodically spray the leaves. When watering it is necessary to watch that there is no stagnation of water, for this it is necessary, when planting the plant, to take care of good drainage in the flowerpot. If you constantly wet the soil, the plant may die, so it's better to give a little water at irrigation than to create an overabundance. At the onset of cold weather, watering is greatly reduced and in winter it is very rarely done, just keep the soil in a slightly wet state.

It is also necessary to feed the plant, it is better to perform it in the period of its growth, and this is April-August. Top dressing is carried out twice a month, but it is necessary to add the fertilizer neatly, so as not to burn the roots and it is better to add it a little less than the norm. It is also recommended to periodically loosen the soil, and then the plant will always look healthy and develop well.

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