Planting grouse in autumn is necessary to ensure their flowering in spring

The most common kind of hazel grouse, as chess. Its height does not exceed 35 cm, tepals have a red-brown color with a characteristic chess pattern. The period of its flowering falls on the middle of spring and its end.

In order to see this miracle in the spring, you need to plant grouse in the fall, at the very beginning. Do not overdo the bulb planting in the soil, as there is a risk that the plant will not be able to take root sufficiently to the frost season, and when the spring comes, the flowers will not rise.

It is necessary to observe not only the timing of planting grouse, but also the basic rules for the location of planting material in the soil. Plant it at a depth that is approximately 2-3 times the height of the bulbs, for larger ones it should be 15-20 cm. Directly the bulbs of the hazel grouse are deepened by 8-10 cm.

Planting grouse in autumn should occur in a place where there is no risk of stagnation of moisture. Before planting the bulbs, the soil should be enriched with organic fertilizer, dig it up and water it if the land is dry. Do not immediately begin to disembark, it is better to let the soil settle.

Location: moderately sunny place, warm.

The bulbs have a dried old stem, located in the middle of a wide funnel and attached to the bottom. There is a misconception that it is harmful because of its ability to retain the moisture that gets there from the ground, and contributes to the decay of the bulb. Some experts give advice on the inclined planting of bulbs, on the cover of a funnel of mulch or something similar. But after careful examination of the bulbs, you can see the loose structure of the dry stalk and the bottom, which is not capable of retaining moisture. Water can be delayed if the bulbs are planted in a heavy or poorly drained soil. The flower does not tolerate an overabundance of moisture in the soil, so it is necessary to approach the preparation of the landing site more carefully before the grouse will be planted in autumn. Necessary requirements are quality drainage and loose fertilized land. For draining, sand, river, organic or mineral fertilizer is the most suitable.

It is necessary to make the landing as soon as the roots on the bulbs appear. You should try not to tear off the young roots, because they are very fragile. Planting grouse in autumn should occur at a distance of 25-30 cm between the onions, to a depth of 20-30 cm for large and 13-20 cm for small. Children of these flowers are planted at 6-10 cm and are also sheltered for the winter.

For a flower like hazel grouse, planting and care must be carried out according to all the rules of agricultural technology. It will well carry the winter period, the risk of freezing will be minimal, but during a snow-less winter it is better to cover it. This condition must also be observed when planting bulbs cultivated in the warmest climate. As a warming layer, it is better to take materials that are not caked - lapnik, straw, reeds, etc., it is better not to use humus and peat as such. The cover should not be less than 25 cm. To prevent the appearance of rodents, it is better to cover the covering material after freezing of the soil by 5 cm. With the advent of spring, it is removed.

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