Aqua Hotel Resort & Spa, Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh: description, reviews

Most tourists who want to relax on the Red Sea, as a temporary shelter choose the famous resort area Sharm el-Sheikh. This city can offer guests not only a rich beach holiday, but also luxury hotels and high-class service. It is here, not far from the sea shore, and the hotel complex Aqua Hotel Resort Spa is located. Of course, people going on a trip, trying to get as much information about this place.

Where is the complex located?

Aqua Hotel Resort Resort Spa is located in one of the most popular areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, namely near the bay of Nabq. Approximately 15 km away is one of the most famous bouhs of this resort area called Naama Bay. The international airport of Sharm el-Sheikh is located close - the distance to it is only 8 km. Moreover, the hotel, as well as travel agencies, provides tourists with a free shuttle, so you should not worry about the road.

By the way, the complex was opened in 2010. In 2012, the hotel was completely renovated Aqua Hotel Resort Spa (ex Top Choice Sharm Bride Resort). To date, this place meets all standards and is perfectly suited for families.

Aqua Hotel Resort Spa (Sharm-el-Sheikh): a brief description of the area

This hotel complex is considered relatively small - it occupies an area of 14 thousand square meters. The hotel consists of a main two-story building, as well as nine three-story buildings, which, in fact, are assigned to residential rooms. Despite the fact that the territory is not too big, it is beautiful and well-groomed. Here you will find green lawns, tall palms, figured bushes and, of course, flower beds of flowering, exotic flowers. In the courtyard there are several swimming pools. There are sports grounds, terraces for relaxing walking trails, in short, everything to make your stay here comfortable and pleasant.

How do the rooms look? Photo and description of rooms

On the territory of the hotel complex there are 127 rooms of different categories, in particular 117 standard rooms, 8 suites, as well as two spacious family rooms. Regardless of the category and location, all rooms here are bright, spacious and clean. Some rooms have a private balcony, from where you can enjoy views of the garden, the surrounding area and the beautiful grounds of the hotel.

The rooms are comfortably furnished. There are some household appliances, without which it is difficult to imagine comfortable living. For example, in the summer heat you can not do without an air conditioner. A free evening can pass for watching satellite channels (there are some Russian). Guests can also use the telephone. The mini-bar is filled only at the request of the tenants.

In the bathroom equipped with modern fixtures, you can refresh or relax after an eventful day. There is a toilet, a washbasin, a toilet mirror, as well as clean towels, shampoos, soap, hair dryer.

What kind of food is offered to the guests?

For many tourists, the question of nutrition is important. What does Aqua Hotel Resort Spa offer? Like almost all the hotels in the resorts of Egypt, this one provides meals according to the popular all-inclusive scheme, which provides a full meal throughout the day, as well as drinks that can be obtained at one of the local bars. Reviews say that the food here is really good - the dishes are always fresh, and the cook every day tries to diversify the menu. Meat, fish, side dishes, cuts, salads, fresh fruit and traditional oriental pastries are served to the table in sufficient quantity.

Also on site is the à la carte restaurant Gondola, where guests can enjoy masterpieces of Italian cuisine, as well as fish and seafood dishes. The restaurant works in the evenings, dinner here is paid for separately, and it is better to book a table in advance.

How far is the beach? Water kinds of rest

Immediately it is worth saying that the Aqua Hotel Resort Resort Spa is located on the second coastline - the distance to the beach is about three kilometers. Naturally, the road leads to the beach and promenade, a walk around which will take about 30 minutes. Nevertheless, not all tourists like the prospect of every day to overcome such a large distance. This is why the hotel provides guests with a free shuttle to the beach and back. The bus starts to walk from 8 am to sunset.

The beach here is public, yet not too crowded. There is a pontoon, as well as a quiet cleared creek where parents and children like to entertain. On the beach there are enough sunbeds and umbrellas, however, for their rent you have to pay, although not too much. Here, tourists can get clean beach towels, and in the local bar you can buy chilled drinks.

Naturally, here vacationers can have fun and do active water sports. In particular, you will have the opportunity to swim in boats, catamarans, go for a boat and water skiing, try yourself in windsurfing and parasailing. Near the shore there is a large live coral reef, so tourists like to swim with masks, watching the underwater life. Those wishing to dive can visit the local divers club and even take short courses.

Can I bring my child with me? Conditions for children

The Aqua Hotel Resort Spa 5 is primarily designed for family holidays. Of course, there are necessary conditions for the fun pastime of children. First parents are interested in amenities. Some rooms have soft folding sofas where children can sleep. In addition, a rollaway bed is available upon request. In the restaurant you can ask for a chair for feeding, and from the menu you can easily choose dishes that will be useful for the child.

The hotel can also offer entertainment. In particular, in the yard there are two small, shallow pools where children of different ages can bathe - it's safe here, and the water is always well warmed up. You can have a good time and on the site with swings, fairy-tale houses and sandboxes. Constantly working mini-club, where your child can have fun in the company of animators, educators and children from all over the world. Children play, dance and art, participate in team games and productions.

Additional service for tourists

The hotel complex Aqua Hotel Resort Spa offers its clients also some additional services that are designed to make living in its territory more comfortable. To begin with it is necessary to say that in the public areas there is access to the Internet. True, the testimonies indicate that the connection speed here leaves little to be desired. In such cases, you can visit the Internet cafe, where for a small fee you can connect to the World Wide Web.

On-site laundry and currency exchange are available. The medical center itself is not available, but in case of health problems, guests are immediately called to the doctor (incidentally, the necessary medicines can be purchased at the local pharmacy). Also guests are invited to walk around the hotel stores, where they sell various household trivia, essentials, as well as interesting souvenirs.

How do guests entertain themselves?

Residents of the hotel always have something to do. As already mentioned, in the courtyard there is a large swimming pool, the area of which is 1500 square meters. This is a favorite place for all the guests, as here you can swim, relax and just pleasantly chat. In the morning, near the swimming pool, morning exercises, as well as aqua aerobics, are held.

It's a good idea to spend time on the tennis courts, which are lit in the evening (for a small fee). Tourists, who prefer to always keep in shape, can visit the local gym. There is also a sauna, a sauna and massage rooms. On site, there are grounds for mini-football, volleyball and basketball. You can skip the time for a pleasant game of billiards or table tennis. Naturally, during the day guests are entertained by animators, who organize various competitions, conduct various sports, teach women traditional oriental dances, etc. And in the evenings, those who wish can admire the vivid performances and performances of local creative groups.

Hotel Aqua Hotel Resort Spa (Egypt): guest reviews

Everyone knows that a lot of interesting information can be obtained by getting acquainted with the opinion of tourists who have already been fortunate enough to visit this or that place. So what impression does the hotel Aqua Hotel Resort Spa (ex Sharm Bride Resort) leave behind? Most of the guests are quite satisfied with the quality of their accommodation here.

Here is really beautiful, well-groomed territory, a huge pool that is cleaned every day, many picturesque places where you can be alone with nature - here you really feel like in a fairy tale. The rooms are quite spacious. Despite the fact that not all rooms are furnished with not too new furniture and appliances, everything works perfectly. Many thanks to the tourists leave the chef, who, incidentally, almost every evening goes into the hall to the guests - the baking is just amazing, and the choice of dishes is impressive.

The disadvantage is unless a relatively large distance to the beach, but it is completely offset by the relatively low cost of living at the Aqua Hotel Resort Spa. Sharm el-Sheikh - a great place for a beach holiday with the whole family, and this hotel will help reduce costs, while providing comfort and home comfort.

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