Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 *: reviews, ratings, photos

Hotel Mythos Palace Resort SPA is a luxurious place where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a carefree holiday. Here you can forget about the city bustle and completely relax.

Brief description of the hotel

Resort and hotel complex Mythos Palace Resort SPA is a popular modern hotel, the buildings of which are decorated in the best traditions of Cretan architecture, which has an important influence on the overall atmosphere of this establishment. Also you can not ignore the most beautiful flowering gardens that occupy most of the territory of this resort. In addition, this hotel boasts a clean private beach, which is marked by a number of international awards.

It is impossible not to mention the comfortable apartments of the Mythos Palace Resort SPA hotel. Their design is rather laconic, but elegant and stylish. Also worth noting is the large number of amenities provided in all guest rooms. A feature of the hotel can be considered that from the windows of almost all apartments guests can admire the incredibly beautiful seascapes.

At the Mythos Palace Resort SPA, guests have access to a huge number of services that will provide you with a fun and active pastime. Also very popular are the SPA-procedures, thanks to which you can feel complete relaxation and harmony with the surrounding world. Be sure to visit the restaurant of the hotel, in which the real highlight can be considered dishes from the freshest seafood.

Where is the resort hotel

Resort and hotel complex Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 * is located in a small resort town of Kavros, which is famous for its beautiful beaches and nature. From here to the nearest international airport is just over 50 kilometers. But the sea is literally a stone's throw away.

Standard Apartment

The most numerous category of apartments in the Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 * hotel is the "Standard". These are small bungalows that can accommodate up to 4 guests. In addition to the beds (a double bed or a couple of one and a half beds), the room also has a soft sofa and a chair-bed, which can accommodate additional guests. You can choose for yourself apartments with a view of the sea or on a flowering garden. The second option will be somewhat cheaper.

Junior Suites

Sea rest is the goal of many tourists arriving at the Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 *. Crete is famous for its beaches, and therefore you will certainly be pleased with the opportunity to live in close proximity to one of them. Leaving the bungalow, you immediately get on a clean coast. The house itself consists of two rooms. In the bedroom on the big bed with comfort will accommodate two guests. In the living room there is a folding soft furniture, which can also be used for resettlement. You will certainly have your own balcony or veranda with comfortable rattan furniture, as well as a clothes dryer. There is also an option with an individual pool.

The Villas

Villa - is the most luxurious and expensive accommodation option in the hotel. They can accommodate up to 6 guests, thanks to an impressive square. The villa consists of two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, as well as a living room with upholstered furniture and an attached toilet. Settled in such a house, you will have the opportunity to use your own swimming pool, around which are sun loungers and umbrellas. In quiet pastel colors, the apartments of Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 * are decorated. Photos made by tourists showcase the classic interior with original decorative elements.

Amenities provided in the rooms

All apartments of the Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 * (Greece, Georgioupolis) include the following amenities for a comfortable stay:

  • The bathroom has a shower and an electric hairdryer;
  • A full range of bath, hygienic and cosmetic accessories is provided;
  • Depending on the category, as well as the number of storeys, there is a private balcony or veranda with comfortable rattan furniture, as well as a dryer for bath towels and swimwear;
  • Thanks to an individual air conditioner, you can cool or warm the air temperature in your room to a comfortable level;
  • A landline phone gives you the opportunity at any time of the day to contact the reception, as well as make a call abroad;
  • A large flat TV is connected to a satellite dish that broadcasts dozens of channels, most of which are entertaining and musical;
  • The mini-bar is filled with non-alcoholic refreshments for an additional fee, and can also serve as a small refrigerator for storing food;
  • So that you were calm about the safety of your valuables, use a reliable safe with an electronic combination lock.

Infrastructure resort hotel

Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 * (Crete, Chania) offers the following infrastructure facilities:

  • A large clean outdoor swimming pool, which works in the warm season (there is also a warm-up function for cloudy weather);
  • In winter, you will have the opportunity to use the indoor pool, which is heated;
  • A large green garden with benches and pavilions, which occupies a third of the entire territory of the hotel;
  • A restaurant serving breakfast, as well as the most delicious dishes of traditional Greek cuisine;
  • Bar with a huge selection of drinks and light original snacks, as well as an evening entertainment program;
  • Free wireless internet (not only in public areas, but also in rooms and even in the pool);
  • Free parking with 24-hour security;
  • Reception desk, which works around the clock for registration, as well as counseling guests (can be contacted in person or by phone);
  • In the business center you can access computer and copying equipment;
  • In the shop on the territory of the hotel you can buy souvenirs to remember the rest.

Opportunities for entertainment and recreation

In this resort you can use the following services for entertainment and active pastime:

  • A large tennis court, which can be used not only during the day, but also at night, thanks to the presence of lighting;
  • In the billiard room, in addition to the inventory for the game, there is also a small bar and a plasma TV;
  • In the garden, as well as on the beach, there are several tables for playing ping-pong;
  • If you follow your figure and you want to even keep on your fitness even on vacation, be sure to visit the gym, where you can work on modern equipment, as well as consult a coach;
  • After a strenuous workout, be sure to visit the sauna, which will allow you to relax both physically and emotionally;
  • In the SPA-center you can use a huge number of procedures for maintaining the beauty and youth, and for improving the body as a whole;
  • A huge popularity is enjoyed by such a service as a whirlpool bath;
  • Visiting the massage room, you will be able to appreciate the diversity of techniques, as well as the professionalism of local masters;
  • An excellent alternative to the traditional bath is a Turkish hammam;
  • Renting a bicycle, you will not only get an effective simulator, but also a good vehicle;
  • For the youngest in the shade of the garden is equipped with a large playground;
  • Every day you will be entertained by animation staff, and in the evenings you will be able to participate in incendiary show programs.

Positive reviews

Mythos Palace Resort SPA can not leave anyone indifferent. Reviews of tourists about this institution are full of vivid impressions and approving comments:

  • Very beautiful and clean beach with a large walkway for those who do not want to swim, and wants to get some fresh sea air;
  • Near the hotel is a very good traffic intersection, which gives you the opportunity to independently go on a trip to any point of the island;
  • In view of the fact that the hotel has very few rooms, it is quiet and peaceful in its territory;
  • There are several pools of different depths, thanks to which one can choose the one suitable for himself;
  • The hotel is slightly removed from the busy street that will save you from noise, but at the same time hike to the resort center will not take you more than five minutes;
  • Very comfortable and spacious terraces on which you can sunbathe while admiring the sea or the garden.

Negative feedback

In addition to the advantages, there are also some shortcomings in the work of the Mythos Palace Resort SPA 4 *. Guest reviews are especially noted by the following:

  • Insufficient clean cleaning in the room, even with good tips;
  • Very monotonous breakfasts that get bored fast enough;
  • The prices in the restaurant are unreasonably high, and the quality of the dishes is very mediocre, but because if you want to get acquainted with traditional Greek cuisine, then it is better to visit neighboring cafes (there it is cheaper and tastier);
  • Very rarely change towels (and then, after a personal request);
  • The decoration of the rooms is already quite shabby, and therefore requires the repair and even replacement of some interior items;
  • From the windows of the apartments is very poorly visible to the sea, and therefore it is better not to overpay and take rooms overlooking the garden.

Overall Impression

A pretty positive impression is made about the resort hotel Mythos Palace Resort SPA. Reviews of tourists have a generally positive color. Claims are not very significant. Most guests are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning, but this depends on who will be lucky with the maid. Also it is worth noting that the food prices in the restaurant are too high, and the quality of the dishes is below the average. But this is not critical, because near the hotel there is a huge number of public catering establishments. In general, the hotel enjoys great popularity because of the quiet atmosphere and beautiful green territory, similar to a real paradise garden. According to a five-point scale, tourists estimate it for a four.

This hotel is characterized by an excellent location. It is such that from the majority of bungalows located on the territory of the hotel, guests come directly to the beach. It is quite clean. It is also important that the bathing area is completely cleared of sharp trauma-dangerous stones, as well as sea urchins and stars. Near the hotel there is a bus station and a railway station. This gives you a unique opportunity to independently travel to any point of the island for self-guided tours. After that, be sure to visit the spa, where you can have a great rest.

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