Sochi, the Mandarin Hotel. Photos and reviews of tourists

Before you go to the resort, be sure to decide what kind of vacation you like. Some hotels are designed for youth companies, music and light flashes here day and night. Others are focused on family holidays, quiet and peaceful. Most often this is why they come to Sochi. Hotel Mandarin is an ideal place for you and your family. Here you will find friendly staff, comfort and stunningly beautiful nature. Despite life's problems and various circumstances, here you can fully relax and enjoy a wonderful holiday. Sochi will help bring to life the most daring imaginations.

Sochi: location of the hotel

Even if you visited dozens of hotels on the sunny coast, it is unlikely you will find at least one, just as comfortable. Judging by the reviews of tourists, this is one of the best boarding houses in Sochi. The Mandarin Hotel is really universal, everyone likes it here. It is located very close to the coastal strip, from the sea it is separated only 270 meters, which will be convenient, even if your family has small children or elderly people. In their responses, tourists share their impressions and note that they did not meet the best boarding house. On the one hand, it is located in a stunningly quiet place, where it's so good to spend your vacation. On the other hand, the options for entertainment here are just the sea.

Not far from here to the resort town, where tourists are waiting for so many temptations that you will not be bored simply, but it should be so, because you are in Sochi. Hotel Mandarin is located just one and a half kilometers from the picturesque city center, in a picturesque suburb - Mamaika village, on Landysheva Street. But let's start in order.

Hotel description

The first thing you see when you come here is a small neat building, snugly located on the hillside. Thanks to this location, a wonderful view of the sea beach opens from the windows and from the observation deck. The territory of the house is buried in the greenery of various plants, from which it breathes coolness and the smell of flowers. This is how it should be in Sochi. Hotel Mandarin is an ideal place for recreation, the territory allows you to relax with great comfort, there is a guarded parking lot. Cozy rooms like even the most demanding tourists. Approximately five minutes walk is a stop from which you can get to the city center to easily reach the city center.

The services

The cost of the tour includes a meeting of tourists and their delivery to the place, accommodation in the room, access to the Internet and the use of pavilions with braziers. The food is self-sufficient, you can cook in the common kitchen or eat in the numerous cafes and restaurants of the city. It should be noted that the hotel "Mandarin" (Sochi) enjoys great popularity among tourists. The reviews emphasize the professionalism of the staff, the cozy atmosphere and the opportunity to plan your day without being tied to the food schedule at the hotel. At any time, you can order laundry services or any dishes from the city's cafes or restaurants. Delivery will be made directly to the room.

Hotel Mandarin, Adler

Another great place for a family holiday, which is located at ul. Enlightenment 158/2. The distance from the guest house to the sea is only 3 minutes. Probably, that's why he became so fond of vacationers. You are waiting for a comfortable beach with the possibility of renting sunbeds. But the entertainment under the southern sun does not end there. Fans of the thrill can ride water bikes and fly with a parachute. Near the guest house there are a lot of grocery stores and souvenir shops, which tourists love to visit.

There is one remarkable tradition, which adheres to the hotel "Mandarin" (Sochi, Adler). Meals are not included in the package of services, tourists are free to choose themselves, prepare them for themselves breakfast in a first-class and comfortable kitchen or go to one of the cafes. And sometimes vacationers distribute the duty and prepare breakfast for everyone in turn.


Leisure here depends only on the tastes and wishes of tourists. This is the largest oceanarium in Russia and a dolphinarium. For children there is a stunning water park. In addition, the guests are offered a huge network of cafes, bars and restaurants, nightclubs. There is a stunning amusement park for adults and children. This is not all. If you love sports, then your attention is offered to the football field and tennis courts, sports complexes and health centers, swimming pools and gyms. That is, the "Mandarin" hotel (Sochi, Adler) is just a place to sleep, around it there is a round-the-clock life, but on the very territory of the hotel it is quiet and cozy.

"Mandarin" - hotel 3 *, Sochi

So far we have spoken about guest houses, small and very cozy. However, there is also a large three-star hotel, which cordially opens the doors to its guests. A beautiful five-story building is located at ul. Stanislavsky, 19. The distance to the center of Adler is 600 meters, to the central district of Sochi is 30-40 minutes.

The distance to the city beach is about 350 meters, so you will have a pleasant walk every time you want to swim.

Vacation with children

Since the hotel is designed for family rest, it is allowed to rest with children of any age. The hotel provides all conditions for children to stay. However, parents should remember the need to fill out the spa card for each child with the permission of the district pediatrician. Do not forget to take your birth certificate with you and warn you in advance about the need for additional space equipment.

What is included in the package of services

It offers an outdoor pool, a sun terrace and a lovely sauna. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. Each room is equipped with a refrigerator and is decorated in neutral tones. The bathrooms have a shower. In the dining room you can order any dish or a comprehensive menu. If you plan to eat only when there is time and desire, then choose any of the nearest cafes, the benefit of them is only 1 minute walk. Judging by the reviews of tourists, if you are looking for an inexpensive option for a family holiday, then just for you, "Mandarin" (hotel 3 *, Sochi). Many four-star hotels and hotels offer much less quality rest, whereas here there are beautiful and fully equipped rooms, courteous and helpful staff and everything necessary for an excellent holiday.


In order to rest more interesting, tourists are offered various entertainment programs and hikes. Not an exception and the hotel "Mandarin" (Sochi). Hosta offers your attention a tour desk, there are routes of any range and content. For you, organize a trip to Abkhazia, to the New Athos caves or Lake Ritsa. Stunning nature will not leave anyone indifferent. Picturesque places with amazing plants, beautiful lakes, clean air.

However, this is not all. Do you want to look at the monkey nursery? And to visit a trout farm, catch and cook fish right on the beach? And there is an ostrich farm nearby. The trip to Krasnaya Polyana will take a little time. It is a magnificent ski resort, huge and luxurious. Even on the way to it you can choose a series of excursions - it is a picnic in the mountains, a visit to a mineral spring or apiaries with mountain honey, the opportunity to swim in a mountain lake or on a huge jeep to climb high into the mountains and enjoy the scenery.

Do you think that's enough now? Not at all. There are also excursions to Vorontsovskie caves. These are the largest and most beautiful caves in Russia. In addition, you will travel to Agur Gorge with waterfalls. Zmeikovski waterfalls and Mount Ahun are two more opportunities to visit places infinitely beautiful.

Reviews of tourists

In fact, this wonderful hotel is never empty, there are always a lot of guests. That's why you can easily find reviews about the hotel "Mandarin" (Sochi, Adler, Hosta). This is an inexpensive, but very good hotel for tourists of all kinds of wealth and position. The average cost of rooms varies within 1000 rubles per day, if you consider the full board, the price is quite low. Separately, tourists note the possibility of delivery to the hotel, when you just arrived at the resort, and to the station on the way back, this solves a number of additional problems. Service here at altitude, each guest can count on something that will be surrounded by attention and care.

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