Economy-boarding houses of Crimea. Inexpensive rest in Crimea. Photos and reviews of tourists

One of the most famous health resorts is the Crimean peninsula. Its boarding houses and sanatoriums are famous for their comfortable accommodation and a variety of wellness programs. The peninsula has the status of a health resort zone, the main value of which is considered to be unique natural resources and climatic conditions. The main advantage that distinguishes local modern boarding houses is the opportunity to take care of your own health and enjoy the whole range of entertainment at the resort.

Optimal location of institutions near medical resources (mud lakes, mineral springs) and the coast of the sea also favorably distinguishes them. Economy-boarding houses of Crimea on popular beaches near the entertainment facilities give their guests the opportunity to plan a full-fledged holiday program. The guesthouse "Tangier", located in Sakah, enjoys great popularity among the guests of the peninsula. It offers all the necessary facilities for a family comfortable rest. Just imagine that you can visit a first-class treatment center every day, enjoying therapeutic and pleasant procedures, then go on an exciting excursion or relax on a picturesque beach - you can only dream about such a rest.

Another important feature that distinguishes the Crimea is economy-class boarding houses, which are in abundance here. Even at the height of the season, you can rent a comfortable room at attractive prices. For these institutions, the price increase in summer is uncharacteristic.

Pension «Brigantine»

The boarding house "Brigantina" is a complex for rest. It was opened in 1999. The boarding house is located in the village of Beregovoe, near Feodosia, near one of the best sandy beaches of Crimea - Golden. Five three-four-storey well-appointed buildings are located on the beach, in a real oasis, which you can find out by reading reviews about the institution.

On its territory there is a fountain-waterfall and gazebos among the trees. The territory is divided into 2 parts, while on one of them there are the first 3 buildings, on the second - the second 2. Economy class rooms, with conveniences, double, 1- and 2-room.

Cost: from 1350 rubles per person.

Boarding house "Mayak"

It is necessary to highlight the tourist and recreational complex "Mayak", considering boarding houses with meals. Inexpensive you will live in it. It is located in the northeast of Theodosia, 100 meters from the sea shore. It should be noted that Feodosia is one of the oldest cities in the world, therefore, it will be interesting to relax here for all lovers of history. In this place is unique air. This is due to the fact that on one side of the city - the sea, the second - the steppe, and the third - the mountains. Therefore, it is good to correct health and gain strength.

Guests live in a four-storeyed stone building in 2- and 3-bed rooms with amenities on the floor, as well as in double rooms, in which amenities are in the room. At the same time in the latter there is air conditioning, TV, refrigerator. Judging by the reviews, there is cold water around the clock, while hot food is served on a certain schedule. Three meals a day on the custom menu.

Cost: from 1400 rubles per person.

Boarding house "Bospor", Kerch

The boarding house "Bospor" is a great place for a budget holiday in the city. It is drowning in a dense greenery, located on the coast with a free sandy beach.

Judging by the reviews, "Bospor" (Kerch) offers for accommodation one-story spacious sleeping buildings, cool in a strong heat, sauna, parking, gym, swimming pool, children's and sports grounds, conference room, billiards, arbor.

Cost: from 850 rubles per person.

Boarding house «Malachite»

Pension «Malachite» is suitable for those who are looking for a holiday in the Crimea inexpensively. The prices for accommodation here are affordable - from 1400 rubles per day. It is located in the famous resort town of Crimea Yalta. The institution was created on the basis of a princely estate, drowning in vegetation, characteristic of the subtropics. Buildings are braided by a vine, while clean air promotes rest, as many reviews say.

In the boarding house guests can be offered a wide range of treatment services. For this, the healing properties of rock salt and mud are used. In addition, a course of inhalation and ultrasonic inhalation with mud can be prescribed. In addition, there is a general therapeutic whirlpool bath.

Cost: from 1400 rubles per person.

The boarding house «Massandra»

The boarding house «Massandra» is located in the eastern district of Yalta with the same name, in a cozy, quiet and picturesque corner of Massandra's old park. It appeared in the 1830s, while the boarding house, then called the hotel "Massandra", opened doors for guests in 1958.

The institution received the status of a boarding house in 2005, after the complete reconstruction and privatization of two 4-storey buildings. Judging by the reviews, to the renovated, as well as furnished in neoclassical modern style rooms were added conference rooms, cafes, office rooms. It is worth noting that this place will be ideal for you, if you are interested in leisure in the Crimea inexpensively.

Prices: from 1550 rubles per person.

Boarding house "Evpatoria"

Considering the economy-boarding houses of Crimea, it is necessary to allocate "Evpatoria". This institution is located in the resort, the central part of Evpatoria. It consists of two buildings in 17 and 6 floors, equipped with elevators. They were built in 1988 and 1975 respectively. There is an outdoor swimming pool with a total area of 250 m² with fresh water, a shallow children's area and a jacuzzi.

In the vast park there are also cafes and 5 bars, sports and children's playgrounds, parking, table tennis and billiards, a cinema hall, a library, a dental and massage rooms, which guests note with pleasure in their reviews. In one building there is a room for children with a tutor.

Cost: from 1710 rubles per person.

Boarding house "Ai-Todor-South"

Estimating economy-boarding houses of Crimea, it is impossible not to mention "Ai-Todor-South". This institution belongs to the health resorts of Yalta. It is located in one of the most prestigious and picturesque corners of the Southern coast of Crimea, near the Black Sea coast, between the Swallow's Nest and the Vorontsov Palace. Near the territory of the boarding house there is a cable car station leading to Ai-Petri.

"Ai-Todor-South" does not have its own medical base, but the very stay in this unique climate, generous to curative air and soft, and also excellent mountain and seascapes, acts favorably on the body, as the reviews say. Climatotherapy is suitable for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, upper respiratory tract.

Cost: from 3060 rubles per person.

Holiday Hotel «Sea Breeze»

"Sea breeze" is a boarding house, which is located on the waterfront of Gurzuf, next to its own pebble beach. One of its features is the possibility to host guests all year round. A park with various evergreen plants, surrounded by a four-story building, makes it possible to spend New Year's Eve here, drowning in the lavish greenery. In this place grow pine and cypress trees, as well as palm trees. The park is inhabited by hand squirrels, in addition, there are 2 swimming pools and real alpine slides are broken, which is not all the economy-boarding houses of Crimea differ.

Gurzuf is located 11 kilometers from Yalta. It has all the advantages of the developed entertainment infrastructure of the South Coast. There is also something to see here, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. At the base of Suuk-Su (cape) is located Pushkin Grotto, close to the Cote d'Azur. Next to the settlement the pioneer camp "Artek" settled.

Cost: from 900 rubles per person.

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