"Dolphin", hotel (Pitsunda): high-level recreation in an ecologically clean region

Abkhazia this year is one of the main holiday destinations for Russians, as popular as the Crimea or Sochi. However, rest in this wonderful country, unlike the Krasnodar Territory and the peninsula, will be more solitary and quiet. In addition, the resort boasts wonderful scenery and clean air.

Hotel base of Pitsunda

Mini-hotels are the most common accommodation option for travelers in Abkhazia. A small two-, three-storey complex, hospitable hostess and homemade food, undoubtedly, attract tourists. Typically, tourists come to the city and already on the site book and buy rooms, which is very risky because of their heavy workload, especially in the high season - from early June to late September. Therefore, it is more profitable in this case to turn to tour operators - the cost is exactly the same as at the check-in counter, and the problems are much less with settling into a hotel.

Pitsunda, it is worth noting, does not have a large selection of mini-complexes - only "Apsara" or "Cottages on the Cypress Alley". There are boarding houses and sanatoriums, such as "Litfond" - the only one on the entire resort coast, which has an official permission to carry out medical activities, or "Musser".

The pearl of the resort

Hotel Dolphin (Pitsunda) - a real unique for these places, which are famous for modest accommodation options. Among the main advantages of the complex are the following:

  1. Freshness. The rest house was completely built only in 2008, which is already unusual for Abkhazia. That is why all buildings and rooms have a modern atmosphere, tourists enjoy almost new furniture and good equipment.
  2. A large area with a park area for walking, exotic plants and benches for rest under the shadow of majestic trees.
  3. Developed infrastructure is available in the complex, so if you want to relax away from the noise and dust of the city, you can not leave the territory at all.
  4. Location on the shore of the bay.
  5. Indoor pool - thanks to it you can come here for rest and during the cold winter months.

Infrastructure of the Dolphin

Rest in the hotel is provided for tourists who are accustomed to high standards of quality and excellent level of service.

  • On the territory of the complex there is a real Russian bathhouse and a hot Finnish sauna.
  • A spacious indoor pool with a depth of almost 2 meters, the use of which is included in the price. In addition, the water in it is fresh and heated during the day.
  • Gym and sports games, including table tennis, volleyball court and a tennis court are offered free of charge by the "Dolphin" (hotel).
  • Pitsunda in summer is quite popular among athletes - you can have a great time with an instructor from the center of water-motor sports, windsurfing, splitting waves on water skiing or jet ski.
  • For children on the beach there are multi-colored inflatable slides and a spacious playground under a canopy.
  • Also at the reception you can get acquainted with the package of excursions around Abkhazia and book the ones you like.

Number of rooms

"Dolphin" is a hotel (Pitsunda), which offers travelers accommodation in the main building or in one of the cottages on the territory.

Double two-room suite with a panoramic view of the Black Sea. The area of the room is 37 square meters, capacity - up to four people (two on main places, 2 on sofas or euroclasps at will). Each suite has its own bathroom with shower, balcony, air conditioning, refrigerator and TV with Russian channels.

A large two-storey cottage with a capacity for up to seven people (six on the main and one on the extra couch). In addition to the standard kit, there is a kitchenette with an electric hob and a kettle.

A small two-storey cottage with a capacity for up to five people (four for double beds and one for a euro cot). This category of rooms also has its own small kitchen with all kinds of utensils.

Double standard single room. For small families or couples. A view from the window is possible to the delightful park area or the side-to the sea. A small area (19 square meters), but a cozy room will please the guests with the presence of TV, Internet and split-system.

Another option for high-quality recreation is "Irene" (hotel)

Pitsunda is a beautiful place with magnificent nature and one of the best complexes on the outskirts. "Irene" is a hotel for people who want a high degree of comfort. Own a large landscaped area with children's playgrounds near the sea, delicious and varied food, new light rooms - all this is very popular with tourists. This hotel is more modest than the "Dolphin", but it is designed to a greater extent for active travelers, because from here you can quickly get to the center of a city like Pitsunda. The hotel does not offer a rich internal infrastructure, but outside the complex it is very much - and cafes, and restaurants, and attractions.

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