Facades for kitchen: solid wood as a guarantee of strength and reliability

The facade of furniture - this is exactly its element, which is first of all paid attention. In many ways, thanks to the furniture facade, the overall design of the home dining room, living room or kitchen is formed. For the production of the front part of the furniture, various materials are used according to their technical parameters and properties, among which one can distinguish an array of wood, MDF, plastic, chipboard, glass. Often, in the price of a furniture kitchen set the facade is one of the main components.

Facades for the kitchen, an array of which is made of natural materials, play a fundamental role in creating a general impression of the kitchen set. Kitchen furniture, made by one design solution, but using different in its performance of the facade, will look completely different. Therefore, the first criterion, according to which the choice of furniture for the kitchen, is purely subjective, at the level - like or not. An objective criterion for selection is that it fully meets the conditions in which it will be exploited. For the whole period of its service, the kitchen facades are constantly exposed to great physical exertion, modern detergents, hot steam and high temperatures. In addition, the facades take all the blows, which also affects the period of their operation. Therefore, kitchens, an array of which is made of oak, ash, beech, maple or cherry, must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Have high resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Have high strength and moisture resistance;
  • Give in to easy care;
  • Be resistant to high temperatures;
  • All elements of the facade must have high resistance to sagging.

It should immediately be noted that the purchased furniture will serve even more if there is an opportunity to update the facade of the kitchen, the array of which can be replaced using the latest technology. The choice of kitchen furniture is worth pursuing, knowing well all the advantages and disadvantages of the material.

Furniture for the kitchen, an array of which is made of valuable wood, is most suitable for interiors of classical style. Furniture, where an array of wood was used to make it, it does not matter whether it was valuable wood or not, helps create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the kitchen. Considering that the kitchen is practically the only place where the family very often gathers together at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, such a kitchen atmosphere will be very useful.

Kitchens (the array of Italy) can serve as an example of the production of beautiful and functional furniture. Kitchen furniture from Italy is valued very highly, and the word "appreciated" here does not at all serve as a definition of its price category. Among consumers, its value is expressed in such indicators as aesthetics, functionality, long service life, style, bold design solutions that were implemented by its manufacturers. Purchasing kitchen sets of Italian production, you will bring into the room the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, which is so necessary during cooking.

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