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Grand Theft Auto London 1969 game

Grand Theft Auto London 1969 - computer game, which is the representative of the cult series. The action takes place on the territory of London. On the calendar of 1969. The player gets the role of the criminal. He has to perform a variety of missions, gaining more and more influence.

The Epoch

Grand Theft Auto London 1969 has a number of references to the unique culture of the sixties. Here everything is taken into account, even the characteristic jargon and appearance of the character. In the game world, left-hand traffic, which is natural for Britain.


Grand Theft Auto London 1969, in fact, is in addition to the first part of the game. Therefore, the gameplay is similar. For Grand Theft Auto London 1969 there is also a special addition (1961), which includes new transportation, missions, dialogs and map. A total of 30 cars are available to the player. The number of missions is also thirty. Music immerses the participant in the process into the atmosphere of the sixties. This game in 1999 was also released for the PlayStation consoles. Music in the version for the consoles belongs to Patrick Whittaker. The main character of the game does not yet have a name. He begins his journey as an ordinary mercenary, carrying out assignments of the British Mafiosi. As a result, he will become the main authority of the city. All this time he will move on stolen cars. Instead of the usual guardians of order here, the British cops will chase the hero. As scenery, the player will find in this project many streets of London. Get the job you need in these phone booths. The game combines 4 major chapters. An additional episode of "1969" will appeal to all fans of the very first GTA, as well as fans of the entire series dedicated to the magnificent car thief. Plunge into the unusual and sinister atmosphere of criminal London in the late sixties!


Grand Theft Auto London 1969 can be run on a computer running the Windows operating system. The PC should have the following characteristics: 1 GB, a 4 MB graphics card, 32 MB of RAM, a processor of at least Pentium 200.

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