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On someone else's misfortune, happiness can not be built: do not ruin a nest

Treason is a terrible word. Little that in our world can be compared to the horror of what is happening for a deceived woman, if she really loves her man. In the acute phase, a woman is ready to do something stupid. Then the pain will decrease a little and she will learn to think rationally. But a man in a similar situation may not immediately react, but still leave a traitor. However, men rarely try to beat off other people's wives, choosing married ones in order to have no problems. But for many unofficial "wives" the proverb "You can not build happiness on someone else's misfortune" is actual.

Without cheating

Most honest relationship is formed in a situation where a mistress simply uses a man as a source of money, not claiming to marry and destroy the family. By the way, such a problem-free relationship model is most often used by rich men who are hunting. Therefore, to destroy the family of a rich man, having beaten the husband from his wife, is rather difficult. Wealthy men are too smart to play by the rules of lovers. If the lover has enough intelligence, she realizes that the man will not belong to her. And the rule "you can not build happiness on another's grief" does not concern it, since it does not build anything.

At someone else's loaf ...

To beat someone else's husband real only if it's a man from the bottom of the middle class or generally poor. And this is really because the wife does not fight smart with such methods. Because they are two pair of boots. It is better not to waste time on married men who have financial "advantages". You can not build happiness on unhappiness. And there will be no happiness with "substandard", if you swung at the poor. Then you will blame yourself for having spent time and energy. It's better to work on yourself to choose a free one. And do not blame yourself and do not feel guilty. By the way, if you could beat someone else's - very likely that it will lead to another. Traitors in war are not trusted.

Protection will not work

Entering into sexual relations with a man already "ringed", you commit a huge sin. And if you are trying to break up a family, and in a family without a father there are children, the situation is aggravated. When the deceived wife goes to the sorcerers, servants of the dark forces, God will not protect you. And if a man is rich, then his woman has enough money for the most "effective" rituals. So on God's court you risk to get ahead of time and you shine underworld. To the wife, of course, too. But you do not think of her, do you? On someone else's misfortune, happiness can not be built.


The problem of men's shortages is, in principle, acute. Especially in the states of the former Union. But these difficulties can be circumvented - there are many bridegrooms abroad who want to marry our women. Of course, provided that the chosen one is a good person, she keeps herself within the framework of the figure and communicates easily with people. On someone else's misfortune, happiness can not be built. If you can not build a house in Russia, perhaps in America you will succeed. Emphasize the beauty of facial features, make a figure, learn to communicate. And you teach the language - to make time useful. Then you do not have to think about the fact that you can not build happiness on someone else's misfortune - your life will go into a reasonable rut and you will build your house, and not destroy another's.

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