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Good intentions pave the way to hell, and unseemly - to paradise? ..

A person lives, he tries not to do anything reprehensible in life, for which he would be ashamed. But good deeds, if possible, are trying to do more. And not for putting a check on yourself, so that in the next world (if it really is), you should get a "set-off", but for your sincere aspiration. Time passes, but for some reason his good comes out. And then he begins to realize: indeed, well-intentioned paved the road to hell ...

And the point here is not at all in human ingratitude and not that justice does not exist, just the world is imperfect. The reason is in the man himself, who naively believes that he does good deeds.

Pity - good feeling or bad? It would seem that compassion helps mankind to survive. But it is not for nothing that they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or maybe humanism helps the human race and degrade?

Is the situation familiar to you when the parental parent grows up as an unadapted person? He does not seem to notice that the "holiday of childhood" is long over and it's time to get down to business. To continue the banquet, he needs easy money ... Who is to blame for this? Can a parent's love lead to imprisonment of their beloved child? Can! They say, well-intentioned road to hell is paved.

And what about the wife of an alcoholic? He does not give life, he drinks all the money, he also took out things from the house. And we need decent clothes for growing children, not in the post-war time ... But it's pathetic for him, it's completely gone ... Here we are again: the road is paved with good intentions to hell - the whole family follows it!

What happens when gopniki beat a teenage musician in a blind alleyway? Is it bad? Undoubtedly. But the boy, despite being busy, also signed up for the sports section. He grew up strong and confident in himself. That cruel lesson he will remember all his life, true, without much anger, because that case even helped him in some way.

Is it possible to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the unseemly to the paradise? Look, what conclusion itself suggests, but it's a mistake! Such a judgment of mockery and cruelty justifies, the hands of non-humans will untie ... And, the scale of delusions can be global. Remember the recent past: they wanted to enrich the peoples of the earth with culture, but came to fascism. By the way, Hitler wrote good pictures in his childhood, and if he had been admitted to an art school, maybe there would not have been a hyper-ambitious politician, and the tyrant would have been realized differently?

Where is justice? How to understand a simple little man, what to do? But the truth, it is just in the middle is. None of the extremes to the good does not bring. In human life, everything should be, but in moderation. Both love and severity. Then only harmony is possible. Unseemly love does not multiply good, but generates idleness and evil. Excessive severity will lead to cruelty and violence.

To good intentions paved the way to hell was not, you need to properly educate children. What is the relationship? Let's figure it out.

We all come from childhood. Whether a bad person whom we see or think about is good, it was formed by the environment and events of long forgotten days. The future of children, of course, is in the hands of parents. It depends on their worldview and objective understanding of life. And also on whether those who understand that it is impossible to live autonomously in human society. If we now turn a blind eye to someone else's trouble, our children, becoming adults, will face this unsolved problem, manifested as the cruelty of the outside world.

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