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The image of Katerina in the play "Groza": the tragedy of the "female share" in the interpretation of A. Ostrovsky

The image of Katerina in the play "Thunderstorm" perfectly contrasts with the gloomy realities of Russia in the pre-reform period. In the epicenter of the unfolding drama is the conflict between the heroine, which strives to defend its human rights, and the world in which all are ruled by strong, rich and powerful people.

Katerina as the embodiment of a pure, strong and bright folk soul

Already from the very first pages of the work Katerina's image in the play "Storm" can not but attract attention and not make one feel sympathetic. Honesty, the ability to feel deeply, the sincerity of nature and the propensity to poetry - these are the features that distinguish Catherine herself from the representatives of the "dark kingdom". In the main heroine, Ostrovsky tried to capture the beauty of the popular simple soul. Her emotions and experiences the girl expresses unpretentiously and does not use distorted words and expressions, common in the merchant environment. It's not difficult to see that Katerina's speech itself is more like a melodic tune, it abounds with diminutive words and expressions: "sun", "grass", "rain". Incredible frankness of the heroine shows, talking about her free life in the paternal house, among the icons, quiet prayers and flowers, where she lived "just like a bird in the wild."

The image of a bird is an accurate representation of the heroine's state of mind

The image of Katerina in the play "Storm" can not be better compared with the image of a bird, in folk poetry symbolizing freedom. Talking with Varvara, she repeatedly turns to this analogy and claims that she is a "free bird that has fallen into an iron cage." In captivity, she is melancholy and burdensome.

Life of Katerina in the house of the Kabanovs. Love of Katerina and Boris

In the house of the Kabanovs Katerina, who is inherent in dreaminess and romanticism, feels completely alien. The humiliating reproaches of mother-in-law, accustomed to keeping all household members in fear, the atmosphere of tyranny, lies and hypocrisy depress the girl. However, Katerina, who is a strong person, by nature, knows that her patience has a limit: "I do not want to live here, so I will not, even though you cut me!" Varvara's words that without cheating in this house can not survive, Cause Katerina sharp rejection. The heroine confronts the "dark kingdom", his orders did not break her will to live, fortunately, did not make her become like other inhabitants of the Kabanovs' house and start to hypocrite and lie at every turn.

The image of Katerina in the play "Thunderstorm" is revealed in a new way, when the girl makes an attempt to escape from the "opostylevshego" world. She does not know how and does not want to love the way the inhabitants of the "dark kingdom" do, freedom, openness, and "honest" happiness are important to her. While Boris convinces her that their love will remain a mystery, Katerina wants everyone to know about this, so that everyone will see. The girl betrays Tikhon, her husband, but the bright feeling that awakens in her heart seems to her a mortal sin. And just at that moment the reader comes face to face with the tragedy of the female soul, its sufferings and sufferings. From this moment, Katerina's conflict occurs not only with the surrounding world, but also with herself. It is difficult for her to make a choice between love and duty, she tries to forbid herself to love and be happy. However, the struggle with their own feelings is beyond the power of the fragile Catherine.

The way and laws that prevail in the world surrounding the girl, press on her. She aspires to repent of her deed, purify her soul. Seeing on the wall in the church a picture of the "Last Judgment", Katerina does not stand, falls to her knees and begins publicly repent of sin. However, even this does not bring the girl the desired relief. Other heroes of the drama "Thunderstorm" Ostrovsky are not able to support it, even a loved one. At the request of Katerina to take her away from here, Boris refuses. This person is not a hero, he simply can not protect himself or her beloved.

The death of Catherine is a ray of light that illuminates the "dark kingdom"

From all sides, Katerina is attacked by evil. The constant harassment of the mother-in-law, the throwing between duty and love - all this eventually leads the girl to a tragic ending. Having managed to learn happiness and love in her short life, she simply can not continue living in the Kabanovs' house, where such concepts do not exist at all. The only way out is to her in suicide: the future frightens Catherine, and the grave is perceived as salvation from the anguish of the soul. However, the image of Katerina in the drama "Thunderstorm", despite everything, remains strong - she did not choose wretched existence in the "cage" and did not allow anyone to break her living soul.

Nevertheless, the death of the heroine was not in vain. The girl won a moral victory over the "dark kingdom", she managed to dispel the gloom in the hearts of people, encourage them to act, open their eyes. The life of the heroine itself became a "ray of light," which blazed in the darkness and for a long time left its glow over the world of madness and darkness.

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