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"Dead like I am." Actors of a cheerful youth series

In June 2003, a comedy series entitled "Dead as I" appeared on TV screens. The actors disclose to the viewer the story of the life of the eighteen-year-old girl, Georgia Lass, who was the victim of an accident. She after death falls into another world. Now she must collect the souls of the dead people and accompany them to the lights indicating the path. A little later, the heroine gets acquainted with her "colleagues".

"Dead like me": actors who played the reapers of Death

So, more. A huge picture among the youth was won by the painting "Dead, as I". The actors, who played the main characters, tried their best. The selection of artists is simply ideal. They are Ellen Mouf (Georgia), Mandy Patinkin (Rub Soufer), Callum Blue (Mason), Laura Harris (Roxy Harvey), Rebecca Heinhart (Betty Romer).

Who are these characters? Rub Soufer is a man who died as early as 1926. Now he is the leader of the team that collects the soul. Georgia in 2003 killed the lid of the toilet, which fell from the space station "Mir". Mason is a suicide. He brought the scores back to life in 1966, drilling his head with an electric drill. Roxy Harvey strangled her own girlfriend in 1982. Well, Betty Romer drowned in 1926. In the afterlife these people could not pass. Before them the task is set to see off the souls of the deceased to the next world. The guys do their work, but they do not cease to wonder about when they themselves can leave this world.

The play of actors is simply mesmerizing

So, if you want to relax and relax, watch this wonderful TV series. You will definitely like the picture "Dead, like me." The actors were able to portray their characters so brightly and emotionally that it's extremely difficult to come off the screen to the viewer. In his work, director Brian Fuller introduced the fans of the cinema fairly simple, at first glance, history. However, after viewing only the first series, the viewer already becomes aware that the series will "tighten up". You will not have to miss: the gorgeous actors play and the original story will appeal to both mystic fans and amateurs of dramas with elements of black humor. In each series there is something special, something that makes you think about life and death, which sooner or later all the same to the person will come. The heroes of the series are kind and sympathetic, noble in their mission. It's very pleasant and easy to watch the film.

The unique series

Of course, the picture "Dead, as I" can not boast of a long destiny. Actors, however, managed to get a fancy to the viewer. The film was very interesting. Scenes of dialogues were written in an original way. In short, the series is simply unique. In total, 343 actors took part in two seasons. Some characters are played by many familiar performers. Five years after the completion of the series, it was decided to film the same movie of the same name. However, the full-length picture of a special excitement could not provoke.

Some facts

And finally, a few words about such a wonderful movie masterpiece, as the series "Dead, like me." It is not surprising that the picture has become so popular. After all, Bryan Fuller himself worked on it - the author of well-known projects "Star Trek", "Chudopad", "Hannibal", "Heroes" and many others. However, in due course he left work on the series. But nevertheless he continued to advise the new authors "at a distance".

The show was not shot for long. However, it was played by many artists. 130 of them later appeared in another well-known project called "Supernatural".

In general, if you want fun and interesting to spend your free time, pay attention to this series. Be sure, you will not regret, raise your spirits, get a lot of positive emotions. Enjoy watching!

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