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Best Russian dramas: description

In this article we will consider the best Russian dramas. Film tapes of different years will be described. It is possible that you will like a picture. Such films can be viewed on a day off with friends.


In his hometown, he returns from the army to the reserve of Danil. Life in the provinces seems to him not very promising. Under the pressure of his mother, the guy goes to St. Petersburg. In this city, his older brother settled. But he, to Danila's surprise, became a hired killer.

Recently, he received a new order for the criminal authority of the Round. The elder brother asks the younger one to do the work for him. Danila agrees. From this moment, he is awaited a drastic change.


If you are interested in Russian films, the best dramas, then pay attention to the film "Boomer". All events occur in the late nineties. "Boomer" is an adventure of four friends - Kostya (Kote), Dimona, Rama and Lehi.

These guys after the bandit showdown are hijacked by a very expensive car and rummage around the city in order to hide from the pursuit. On the way, the guys are faced with various realities of Russian reality. They are waiting for a fight with truckers, a disassembly with local bandits, corruption at various levels and even local sorcerers, healers.

"Inadequate people"

If you are interested in the best Russian melodramas, dramas, then pay attention to this picture. There are three main characters in the film. One of them is a quiet guy Vitalik, who in periods turns into a real aggressor. The second main character is his neighbor a bad schoolgirl girl. The third main character of the picture is the head of the quiet guy Vitaly.

And its leader, and a number of the living girl are not indifferent to the guy. At the same time, a psychologist who is obliged to understand interpersonal relations, to instruct a schoolgirl girl on the right path, himself has some secret inclination for not quite normal behavior.


What are the best Russian dramas worth seeing? Pay attention to the movie "Cook". The main character is an ordinary Muscovite. This young girl's name is Lena. She lives in an apartment with her parents.

One day in the life of this girl there is a series of troubles, as a result of which her ordinary life collapses. Unfortunately, parents do not support her. Therefore, the girl decides to start a new life. Lena moves to an empty grandmother's apartment, which is located in St. Petersburg. In this city the girl is arranged for work in social service. There she meets baby Kuku. Lena struggles to help the homeless girl. But Cook is afraid of her, hiding.


Continuing to describe the best Russian dramas, let's talk about a painting called Metro.

The film was filmed based on Dmitry Safonov's novel. In the center of Moscow is construction. As a result of it in one of the subway tunnels there is a crack between the stations. Due to the breach of the sealing of the floor from the river, water enters the tunnel, resulting in hundreds of passengers in trouble. Among these people are the doctor of the city hospital Garin and his daughter Xenia. The doctor is fighting a catastrophe, trying to save those passengers who survived. Among them is the lover of his wife. The doctor must at all costs survive to bring back the family, love and a happy life.

"Driver for the Faith"

Talking about the best Russian dramas, it's worth remembering one more picture. This film is called "Driver for Faith".

The main character is Lieutenant-General. He has a daughter who is limping. Certainly, a woman with a similar problem is not the most successful party. Even in spite of the fact that marrying a daughter will get a friend with a general's epaulettes into friends.

The lieutenant-general takes drivers to his daughter for a sergeant from the Kremlin company. Father hopes that he will be able to give his Faith for the boy. Victor is a former orphanage who dreams only of breaking through to the privileged stratum. And the fate of him is benevolent. He is young, handsome, Vera falls in love with him, making plans for the future. At the same time, he does not notice the calculation on his part.

A small conclusion

Now you know what Russian dramas you can see. The list of the best is presented for you in our article. We hope that from this list you will find the right cinema for yourself.

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