Adobe Air: what is it?

Just some years ago, programmers did not come up with the idea that you can create programs for your computer by combining technologies to develop websites that exist on the market. A new development, called Adobe Air, was born thanks to the integration of technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. And this platform has existed for several years.

The development has brought a lot of new, and also helped to simplify the process of creating applications without using a difficult C ++ programming language. This reduces the threshold of entry and allows everyone to work with the Adobe Air environment. What is this platform? What are its features, pros and cons?


So, Adobe Air - what is it? This is a new environment that provides an opportunity to develop programs that are cross-platform. This means that they will work without problems on various operating systems. The basis for this platform was Internet technology.

It is cross-platform - one of the main features of the described technology Adobe Air. What did it give? To date, there is already a large number of programs that work without problems equally on different platforms.

Independence from network connection

It may seem that applications created on Adobe Air are unsuitable for connecting to a global network and working together, because the main function is to transfer applications to the computer. But it's not like that at all. Applications can be executed even without connecting to the Internet. And the platform allows them to access low-level functions of the operating system, for example, when working with the clipboard and files.

Running applications

All programs that are created with the help of Air technology will be launched and run on any platform. This makes it easier for programmers, since there is no need for each operating system to write their version of the program. The user simply needs to install the environment without which the applications will not work on their device.

Applications have the AIR extension. To run them, you need to download and install from the official site of the very platform Adobe Air. What it is? This is the environment in which development takes place. Installation is quite simple. Even an inexperienced user will understand it.


Since there is nothing completely perfect, the Adobe Air technology is also not ideal. Even despite the large number of positive features, for many is the problem of incomplete access to the operating system. This gives an advantage to desktop programs in comparison with web applications.


To start developing an application using this technology, you need a desire to achieve the goal and a fresh mind. Naturally, we need a platform, tools for development and programs that have the ability to work with text data, where the code for the future program will be created. The environment itself is installed on the computer only once. Installing applications will not cause any difficulties, since it is similar to the installation of any standard program. The platform will help to develop the necessary applications at a higher speed with the use of web technologies and design patterns.

Recognition in the world

The use of Adobe Air technology has become very popular. Therefore, not only ordinary software developers began to take an interest in it, but also companies that are leading the software market. The whole process of developing and opening applications changed radically after the Adobe Air program appeared, for which it was created. The work of programmers was greatly facilitated.

This technology is still quite new and not fully researched, therefore, when applied, according to competitors, there can be serious problems that have already been dealt with on other platforms. But all the same it is developing at a rapid pace, proving its right to exist. Over time, the question "what is needed for Adobe Air" will disappear.

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