Unexpected error when restoring the system 0xc0000022: how to fix the situation?

Probably, it is not necessary to say that very many users of computers and laptops running Windows operating systems sometimes (and quite often) after critical failures have to deal with their rollback (restoration from the control point of the previous state). But the trouble is, many people are shocked by the appearance of the message "an unexpected error when restoring the system 0xc0000022". What to do, after all it turns out that it is impossible to roll back the system? Not surprisingly, some users who do not know how to fix this situation immediately try to reinstall Windows. That's just not worth doing. You can do less drastic methods. This requires only a "native" boot disk of the system or something like a Live CD.

Unexpected error when restoring the system 0xc0000022: what is this?

To begin with, we will focus on the failure itself. Many are wondering why, when setting the rollback at the boot stage, an unexpected error occurs when restoring the system to 0xc0000022. Windows 7, such a beloved, not the only system in which such a failure can occur. In the G8 and the Tenth, this phenomenon is also not uncommon.

In general, if we consider the root causes, when the system displays a message that an unexpected error occurred during the restoration of the system 0xc0000022, basically there are two main points: the consequences of viruses and the absence or damage of some system components responsible for the rollback of the system. We will analyze both situations.

Virus scan

As follows from the above, the recovery does not work, and as a result, the system can not boot even in a safe mode. To begin with, it is recommended to perform a comprehensive computer system check for viruses that could lead to such a situation.

It goes without saying that a regular scanner is not available. In this case, you should use special utilities with the general name Rescue Disk, recorded on an optical disk or USB-media, which load their own interface and the most necessary software components even before the start of Windows. If viruses are not detected during the scanning process, and the system with obvious persistence will again report that an unexpected error occurred while restoring the system 0xc0000022, proceed to the following steps. To boot, we now use the above disks (either the installation with "Windu", or Live CD).

Unexpected error when restoring the system 0xc0000022: how to fix it by the simplest method?

So, we start from the disk or flash drive, after which, for example, in the case of the "native" Windows disk, we do not install the system, but go to the Recovery Console. In principle, you can try to roll back the system from the corresponding section, but, as practice shows, this will lead to nothing, and the message "Unexpected error when restoring the system 0xc0000022" will appear again. Unsurprisingly, because all the data about the rollback point and the saved parameters are not on the optical or USB-drive, but on the hard drive of the computer or laptop.

Here comes the help of the command line. You can call it from the console menu or use the Shift + F10 keys. Now in the appeared window you need to register the command sfc / scannow and press the enter key. Further, the verification process is activated, during which critical components of the system, including those responsible for rolling back, will be restored.

Specific methods for damage to the boot record

If the previous method did not give the result, it seems that the user was confronted with the fact that the main boot record was corrupted in the system. It will have to be restored.

Repeat all the actions for the download and again reach the command line. Here we assign the following commands: first Bootrec.exe / FixMbr, and then - Bootrec.exe / FixBoot. In most cases, no additional action is required. After successfully executing them, as the message on the screen will testify, you can try to restart the system again. In this case, if the recovery is not automatically activated, you need to reboot with a call to the safe mode menu, which uses the boot line of the last successful configuration.

If this does not work, we repeat all the steps described above, and add two more commands to the two previous commands: Bootrec.exe / RebuildBcd (it overwrites the boot sector). After performing this operation, everything should go without any problems.


It remains to add that only the most effective methods that require the use of the command line and the boot disk were considered here. Of course, you can try to remedy the situation and using special utilities designed to ensure that the rollback was started directly by means of running Windows, when for some reason the recovery was impossible, but the system still at least somehow, but it boots. In our case, the technique is designed exclusively for those situations when the system does not work at all. By the way, the above methods allow restoring the system's performance not only when such a failure occurs, but in many other cases - a truly universal solution, and not dependent on the presence of stored control points. They can be used only when Windows starts working again.

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