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Analytical mindset is the inclination to decompose everything into components

Analytical thinking is considered very prestigious. In the sphere of high technologies and when entering a well-known university, the majority of applicants or applicants for the job seem to consider themselves obliged to declare that they possess a powerful and innate analytical gift. Do not exaggerate or understate its meaning. An analytical mindset is simply the ability to identify components and find out their relationships.

Career Guidance

Naturally, there are no "pure" analysts and synthetics. We all have features of both types of thinking. Why do we need synthetic skills? For accurate observation, for understanding the behavior of an object or phenomenon as a whole, for predicting properties. After all, the components of the whole can not always be strictly logically deduced from the components. But synthetics know how. So do not be sad if the type of thinking suddenly turned out to be "unprestigious". And what occupation does it take to select a teenager who has an analytical mindset? The professions will include applied natural sciences (in the fundamentals better synthetics and people of mixed type), interpretation of laws (legal counsel, but not a lawyer), some medical specialties (hematologist, resuscitator, pilot-therapist), economic professions (accountant, bookkeeper, but not a trader And not a financial analyst, contrary to the name of the specialty).


In the IT field, any people are needed. Even testing requires both analytical and synthetic skills. We need to understand, for example, the application as a whole, and see the roots of the problem, analyzing the components. In programming, it is better if the analytical mind is slightly dominant . This will make it possible to build algorithms optimally.

Creative trends

Analytical mindset is not a panacea for all life problems and not a universal tool for solving problems. Many creative professions require opposite inclinations: advertisers, artists, musicians are usually bright synthetics. But marketers, analysts, filmmakers, actors usually have approximately the same expression of two opposite tendencies of thinking.

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The most accurate test for the mindset is not the answers to test questions. They are easy to adjust to the desired result, if a person feels the need to "disguise" and sees the test is not the first time. It is best to ask the subject to draw a house, a tree or a person. The analyst will be finely and realistically worked out the details of the drawing. But the synthetics will have smooth, bright strokes that show the most important features. In this case, the drawing of the second one will look more "artistically" and emotionally. Of course, for a correct interpretation of such a test, a psychologist needs to have some experience.

The mind can change, it is not connected with the innate characteristics of the brain. If a person is forced to do work that requires opposite tendencies of thinking, he will experience some discomfort, but eventually the necessary skills will be formed, and the person adapts to external necessity. The plasticity of the brain and psyche is enormous. Therefore, one should not be surprised at the serious changes that are taking place with diligent and hardworking people who have changed their profession. An analytical mindset is sometimes an acquired feature.

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