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Josh Duhamel (Josh Duhamel): the filmography and the personal life of the actor

To date, Josh Duhamel is one of Hollywood's most popular actors. For his career and personal life follows the whole army of fans. A nice appearance, natural charm and a charming smile provided him a place in the ranking of the sexiest men in the world. But how did the career of the famous actor begin?

Childhood of the famous actor

Josh Duhamel was born on November 14, 1972. Childhood of the boy was in the city of Minot, which is in the territory of North Carolina. Mother Bonnie Kemper worked as a teacher of physical education, and then a masseur. Father Larry was a successful advertiser. By the way, Josh has three younger sisters - Ashley, Mackenzie and Kesidi.

Parents divorced when Josh was still a child. The guy never lost touch with his father, but still stayed with his mother and sisters.

Then the young Duhamel entered the University of Minotah, where he studied biology. In the future, the guy planned to become a dentist. In addition, he was a good athlete, so he entered the football team of the university, where he played as a quarterback. Nevertheless, he did not manage to complete the education.

How did Josh's career start in Hollywood?

Even while studying in college, the young guy began to invite various model agencies. Attractive appearance and athletic physique made him an excellent candidate for the role model - this is how Josh Duhamel got into the modeling business. After some time, the guy moved to California, where he regularly took part in fashion shows and photo sessions. In addition, he several times starred in clips. For example, he worked with Christina Aguilera and Dona Summer. It was here that he was noticed by the specialists in the selection of personnel - Joshu was offered to be shot for television.

The first tests in the movie

In 1999, Josh Duhamel first appeared on American screens. His debut was the series "All My Children", where he played Leo du Pre. By the way, this soap opera was one of the most popular projects of American television, so participation in it made the actor famous. In this project, he remained until 2002.

In 2002, there was another series, which starred Josh Duhamel. His filmography replenished with the role of Richard Reed in the sitcom "Ed."

The series "Las Vegas" and worldwide recognition

In 2003, the actor accepted the offer to play one of the main roles in the new criminal-detective series "Las Vegas". Here he got the image of a former infantryman and scout Danny McCoy, who, after serving in the army, ensures the safety and normal operation of one of the largest Las Vegas casinos.

By the way, the image of the eccentric, cheerful, witty and loving young man in the performance of Duhamel fell in the hearts of viewers around the world. The show lasted five seasons - the show was finished in 2008.

Josh Duhamel: Filmography

Of course, even while working on the series "Las Vegas", a young and already well-known actor began to receive invitations to participate in various projects. So in 2004 there was the first full-length picture, where the main role was played by Josh Duhamel. His filmography was supplemented by "A Date with a Star", where he coped well with the image of the famous bachelor actor.

The actor also starred in the series "Investigation of Jordan." And in 2004 he got the main role in the film "Portrait of Dorian Gray", which was filmed based on the story of the book of the same name. The vicious Dorian Gray, performed by Duhamel, turned out to be realistic.

In 2006, Josh got the role of Alex in the John Stokwell film "Touristas". The story of tourists who, instead of exploring the sights of Brazil, had to flee about a gang of people selling human organs, cemented Duhamel's success.

"Transformers" and undoubted success

The young actor got a role in one of the most popular films Modernity. After all, the "Transformers", which premiered in 2007, broke all records for box office on the same day. Here actor Josh Duhamel played captain William Lennox. And although many critics pointed out that the main emphasis in the film was made on the scenes of fights and special effects, rather than on the development of the characters and relationships of the main characters, the film, and with it all the actors, became the most popular creation of the film industry in the last few years.

In 2009, there was a continuation of the picture called "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen". Here also was shot Duhamel, however, his hero has already managed to rise to the rank of major. And in 2011 came the third part of "Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon", in the filming of which Josh also participated. It was this film that made the actor the object of adoring tens of thousands of fans around the world.

Josh Duhamel and new movies with his participation

Naturally, other films with Josh Duhamel began to appear in the future. He often acted in romantic comedies and melodramas. This contributed to his courageous and attractive appearance (this is perfectly demonstrated by the photo).

Josh Duhamel in 2010 managed to work on the creation of four films at once. In the film "Romantics" he got the role of Tom McDevon. In addition, he played Nick Beamon, repotre, hopelessly in love with the main character in the film "Once Upon a Time in Rome". This picture received a lot of positive feedback.

In the same year 2010, a family comedy entitled "Ramona and Bizus" appeared on the screens. Here he played Hobart, the former groom of the aunt of the main characters. Another popular film with the famous actor - "Life as it is." Here, Josh brilliantly played Erik Messer, who is forced to bring up his beloved goddaughter with a woman who immediately disliked him.

Together with many stars, Duhamel starred in the romantic comedy "Old New Year" - a film that demonstrates the intersection of fates of strangers. Here he got the role of Sam.

And in 2012, the actor tried himself in another genre. In the dramatic movie "Wedge Wedge" by Jeremy Coleman. By the way, his partners in the shooting were Rosario Dawson and Bruce Willis.

In 2013, there were three films with the participation of the famous actor. In particular, he played Mitchell in the painting "Scenic Route". Together with many famous Hollywood artists, he starred in a famous comedy called "Muvi 43", where he played Anson, Amy's boyfriend. By the way, the selection of actors, the search for a film studio and the production of the picture took almost ten years. This film received a lot of far from flattering reviews and even three awards of "Golden Raspberry". Nevertheless, many spectators came from him in raptures.

In the same year, 2013, Josh received a major role in the famous drama "Quiet Harbor", where his partner was Julianne Haf. Here, the actor excellently played a nice, charming and kind widower who fell in love with a woman who fled from her husband. In 2014, he played Alex in the film "Threads". And now the actor is actively involved in filming.

Personal life of the actor

Pleasant appearance and love of sports training provided the actor a success with the female. In various publications periodically appeared notes about his potential girls. In 2004, on his own TV show, Josh met with the soloist of the popular band Black Eyed Peas, Stasty Ferguson, who is more known among fans as Fergie. Since then, and began a stormy romance, followed by admiringly watched by millions of people.

In 2007, the star couple announced an engagement. And in 2009 Josh Duhamel and Fergie were married to Mabila. By the way, the ceremony was closed, the press representatives were not invited to it. And in late August 2013, the lucky couple was born the first-born Axl Jack Duhamel.

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